Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Darkness and light....

Life throws us some curly ones at times and this week I have no doubt been challenged. Often as we grow and take on more responsibility I find that the universe gives us bigger and better challenges to overcome... :-((

How do we get through these times and how do we trust that all that is given to us is for the best! This is one I have faced many times over but what I can share is that EVERYTIME it works out fine and everytime it works out better than I had expected. How do we let go of the control and trust that the universe/God will take care of us and we wont end up in some big black hole?

As many times as I have been shown this truth that we are ALWAYS taken care off, even still I always have a tendency to imagine the worst..... but what I can say is that perhaps we need to go through the tension, the problem solving and the angst to then feel the true liberation and trust that we will come out the other end into the light.... I am still working on this one but realised that this is the time when leaning on others is always a good practice....that's what friends are for....


  1. Commendable job with the post! keep it up!!

  2. Lovely post! thanks for the share!


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