Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Long and Short of it...

For many years I have been in love with the city, the sounds, the sights and the buzz that makes New York one of the most desired places to visit and to live.  Reaching the age of wisdom for some means downsizing, for others its a sea change (been there done that) and for others it means re-entering the big city that never sleeps and realizing that sleep is not overrated.
For many of us women, we have gone from the nights of wearing the shortest skirt possible to knowing when to cover up and exactly what needs to be left to the imagination.  What I have found is that once the novelty of the short skirt has worn off, the long flowing maxi skirt is as welcome as moving to the burbs of Long Island. 
Just like a change from the mad city to the burbs, I have found that for many of us it takes time to move away from wanting to be noticed for our sex appeal in a mini, to being noticed for our overall appeal in a maxi. 

The bright city lights are no longer cool, but instead we find them too bright.  The cool music coming from the bars is no longer amaaaazing, but instead a little too loud for our sensitive thirty something ears.  Just like the short skirt that once looked oh so hot, now is soooo not!  There is something to be said for dressing like a lady, yes Miranda Kerr looks great in anything she wears from Victoria's Secret lingerie to the shortest of skirts but let's face it, for the rest of us, sometimes we need to have a little bit more discernment as to how we express our inner diva through what we choose to wear.
So let's celebrate what it means to reach the age of wisdom, where we finally embrace our femininity and know that it goes far beyond the skimpy and short.  Let's send out a new message that less is not more and redefine how men see us as the special creatures that we are and not just long legs (although hot, yes) but so much more.
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