Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stylish Bag Lady...who would have thought!

For as long as I can remember being a "Bag Lady" was not something any woman would aspire to be but as times have changed and thank you to Kathryn Eisman we can now embrace the term with style and confidence. It's no longer about the brand, although I still love Chanel, but more about our personal style and what the bag says about who we truly are!


I’ve read that your book is a celebration of all kinds of women and that you aim to help women to understand who they are through their handbag choices…..How can women use your book to understand themselves better?
This book isn’t you’re cliché fashion book- it’s a celebration of women. Why we pick a certain bag above all others and carry that through life- reveals more about us than we dare imagine. The book also has ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ for each type of bag lady and offers comfort, advice and a few cheeky laughs.

We all know that fashion has the power to transform how we feel about ourselves. A new pair of heels to slip into, a pair of sexy jeans, a cashmere sweater….How can a handbag give us the confidence to take on the world?
It’s the item of apparel we keep closest to our heart. It’s a place of mystery and fantasy- only a fool would dare take a peek inside another woman’s bag! It carries all our secrets.

All women get the whole shoe thing…but bags? Tell us about your love affair with handbags and how it can change a woman’s life?
We change our shoes depending on our mood- but we’re much more loyal to the bag we carry, often selecting the same bag time and time again (despite all the others waiting for their turn). Our bags really are a reflection of who we are- I call it you’re Purse-onality.

They say dress for success is this also the case with handbags. How can choosing a particular bag help women achieve greater success?
They say dress for the position you want, and that’s certainly true with the handbag you carry. The link between a woman’s bag and her status in society has existed since Ancient Egypt and hieroglyphics. In the middle ages, a woman’s status in society was easily revealed by the level of embellishment and gems encrusted on the bag she carried. In the roaring 1920s, the mesh bag was elegant proof of a woman’s high socio-economic status.

What about the woman who can’t afford to buy a designer bag? Of course every woman would desire a Hermes, Chanel or Louis Vuitton and one understands the way these brands make us feel about ourselves…. But what about the great Aussie brands like Oroton, Mimco and Witchery….Does brand really matter or is it more about the style of the bag rather than price?
This book isn’t about how many dollars and cents you have in the bank- it’s about your sense of style, sense of humor and ultimately, your sense of self. The book explores a myriad of bags and only some of them are luxury labels, the rest are affordable. I’m less interested in the value of the bag and more interested in what that bag reveals about your values.

I’m a huge fan of our Aussie labels and have numerous bags by Australian designers. However, while they all come from home grown talent, the book shows that Oroton, Mimco and Witchery bag are all quite different and would be worn by a different kind of gal.

"Women are divine and mysterious ceatures, gracefully dancing their way through life, all the while carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. To fully understand a woman, dont be distracted by the light-footed skip in her step; look at the actual weight on her shoulder - her handbag. Whilst a woman's clothing and shoes change with different moods and seasons, its her handbag that remains loyal; after all, it is the item literally closest to her heart"....Kathryn Eisman


Unstoppable force....Kathryn Eisman shares her success secrets!

There are some stories and some women who seem to have a fire and a spirit which makes them an unstoppable force, something my partner called me the other day, with him being the immovable object...mmm interesting!! There are some women like myself who no matter what, will find a way around, over or under the immovable object be it man, obstacle or anything else that comes our way!!! I love these women for their courage, strength and determination to make their dreams come true and to carve out their own path.

As we journey down this path we often find success may come to us through one area that we focus on but what I found out many years ago is that everything that we do in our lives is like a jigsaw puzzle that we must put together to make all the pieces fit and see how they unite to allow us to live the life we were meant to live. A life that fulfills us and the work that will allow us to express who we are whilst making a difference in the world.

Now if there's one woman we would want to say 'I'll have what she's having' it's Kathryn Eisman. From interviewing President Clinton to being backstage at New York Fashion week interviewing Carolina Herrera, the red carpet with Sarah Jessica Parker and George Clooney to the tough streets interviewing reformed drug addicts.

Model, journalist, TV presenter, fashion expert, relationship adviser, columnist and public speaker Kathryn Eisman is a well grounded woman who has the whole world at her feet. I am honored to have the opportunity to interview her and continue working with her in inspiring women to create a life full of love, success, joy and fulfillment.

Current City
Los Angeles

Favourite fashion brand
Tibi- She mixes mid century palm springs fun with modern chic

Favourite fashion brand
Tibi- She mixes mid century palm springs fun with modern chic

How do fashion brands/designers empower you as a woman
Style not only changes the way the world sees you, it has the ability to change the way you see yourself.

Favourite charity
I am a proud ambassador for SISTER2sister. A life changing organization that mentors at risk teenage girls for a 12 month period. As a former Big sister I know just how transformational this program can be for the little sisters and the big ones too.

Things you love and can’t live without
Playful dinner parties with friends, Skype conversations with my Grandmother, Thai Massages, Frozen Yogurt, open house inspections in the Hollywood Hills. My brand new Maine Coon kitten Samson and my man.

How did you start out?

I started modeling when I was 17 a few days after finishing year 12. I walked into Chic Model Management with a photo of me in a bikini that some pervy Club Med photographer had taken while doing aqua aerobics of all things! That same afternoon I was sent out on a casting trying on lingerie for Formfit and booked the job. While I was modeling I studied communications majoring in Journalism at UTS. During my semester breaks I worked at Fox News in New York and wrote my first book, How to Tell a Man by His Shoes. A few days after graduating from university I headed to New York for a small book tour. I ended up being booked on Good Morning America and the TODAY show in New York. Viewers rang in and said they wanted to see more of me. A few months later they created a position for me as their Feature/ Lifestyle reporter. I was 21.

What do you love most about what you do?
I love writing my column for Cleo magazine each month and talking about the thrills and spills of love. It’s amazing how universal our desires and concerns are. I recently did a Book signing / reading at Barnes & Noble in LA for my New book, How to Tell a Woman by Her Handbag and it was an absolute treat sharing my work with so many fun people. As I said on the night- never before had so many good looking people been in a book store on a Friday night. We had a blast!

In turns of TV, I’ve never read an autocue I didn’t write and have always found my own stories, researched them, written and produced them myself. I could never be a talking head. The on camera work is really only a small part of the work that I do and I love researching and exploring new topics, issues and people. My job has never felt like work.

What do you feel is your calling and how do you achieve it through
what you do as an author, speaker, media personality?
I love being able to communicate with a large audience and use various mediums (TV, Columns and Books) to express my beliefs and sense of humor. I’ve always wanted my work to make women think about their own lives, feel connected to one another and to laugh in the process!

What other professions have you tried and when and how
did you know that this was your calling?

Other than modeling I never really tried any other career. Mind you when I started out it didn’t immediately look like a career. Most people pick one discipline be it; writer, TV presenter, fashion expert, pop culture expert, relationship adviser, news journalist, columnist, public speaker or illustrator. I was passionate about all these things so I picked them all, which you can imagine was initially confusing! It was only later when I had some success in each area that I realized that they all built on each other. I then saw I could beat out my own path.

What inspired you to choose this path?
I simply love doing what I do- be it standing and talking in front of a hundred people and making them laugh or interviewing Oscar de la Renta . I feel that I was born to work in media and that if I didn’t I wouldn’t be true to myself. I certainly don’t do it for the praise and there are certainly more consistent, less stressful choices out there- but I do it for the quiet satisfaction that comes from knowing that I am living my destiny. Something I wish for everyone.

How did you go about achieving such a level of success? We want the secrets….
I’m just getting started- but the secret to all success is perseverance, passion, authenticity and to keep on going even when you’re afraid you might fail. Sometimes I’ve had a few lucky breaks and sometimes it’s felt like I was pushing up hill in a pair of 5 inch Christian Louboutins. Just keep going. I always tell my girlfriends that if they’re not getting rejected they’re not trying hard enough!

What do you believe is the reason you are where you are today?
A mix of fate, passion, hard work and taking a chance on myself. There have been many turning points in my life where I have taken a huge leap of faith and pushed myself well and truly out of my comfort zone. Moving to New York at the age of 21 not knowing a soul was testing. Then leaving an amazing job at NBC and returning to Australia to be with the people I loved was another scary moment. Recently relocating to LA for work has been another exciting challenge. I think you have to be brave and just participate in life, even when it’s more comfortable to accept status-quo.

What is success to you?
Love; Finding someone to share your life with. Having a close family and group of friends whose affection for you isn’t based on how “successful” or “unsuccessful” you are at that particular moment. And the peace that comes from doing what you love.

What has your success enabled you to do?
What other goals and dreams has it allowed you to pursue?
I’ve seen the world and experience so many wonderful things from being backstage at Radio City Music Hall interviewing President Clinton to being backstage at New York Fashion week interviewing Carolina Herrera. From the red carpet with Sarah Jessica Parker and George Clooney to the tough streets interviewing reformed drug addict-I’ve experienced many touching and awe inspiring moments.

Was success a choice or something that just happened?
What conscious decision did you make to get to where you are today?
I believe success is a choice. I have had both supporters and naysayers all the way- people who have told me I’m the best thing that ever happened and others who have told me that it will never happen for me. At the end of the day, it’s all just noise! If you truly care about something and commit to making it happen it in your mind and heart- it’s only a matter of time until you get where you’re going.

What do you believe contributed mostly to you achieving success
as an author and media personality?

I’ve always been obsessed with words and language, a particular turn of phrase can leave me spellbound for days. I started writing poetry aged eight and my happiest days in school were spent debating literature in my 3 unit English class. I think a deep love of language and commitment to the craft is essential when developing as a writer.

In terms of Television- my first real job in television was as a reporter for NBC in New York. Coming from that serious news background, surrounded by some of the most respected news journalists in America, I leant the importance of having integrity, of doing your research, of knowing your facts. I am also the exact same person on camera as I am off - and I think people intuitively recognize that authenticity.

Who are your role models and what inspires you about them?
Nora Ephron has carved out a wonderful space for herself as a female writer in books, columns and movies. I also love Chelsea Handler for saying it like it is and for daring to be so un-PC, at a time when political correctness can limit creativity and foster even deeper discrimination. Of course Oprah is one of my heroes for her talent, integrity, warmth, depth, lightness and fighting spirit. My grandmother Anna is so strong yet such a lady. She’s experienced so much change from being in the death camps in Europe to a successful career in fashion. She turns ninety in September and despite not always feeling 100% always manages to leave the house looking composed, elegant and beautiful. I also admire my mother’s intelligence and intuition- she ‘just gets it’. Everytime.

What do you attribute to your success and having reached being at the top of your game?
I don’t “outsource’ anything. If there is a job to do, I don’t wait around for someone else to do it. Also, you’ve got to have fun otherwise, what’s the point! I’m sure to be smiling or laughing for a good portion of the day.

Have you had a mentor along the way and who inspires you most and why?
Travel has been my greatest mentor. Having to rebuild a life in different cities, make new friends and create new job opportunities teaches you a great deal about the world and about yourself.

Who would you most like to meet and why?
I’d love to meet Oprah. Perhaps to talk about my latest book

What are the most important lessons you’ve learnt along the way?
1. To be kind- if you had to step on someone else to get there it’s not somewhere you want to be
2. That professional success alone won’t make you happy. Having someone to share your highs and lows with makes life so much more fun
3. Do what you love, so it doesn’t feel like work
4. Don’t waste time with lazy agents
5. Keep practicing

If you could say one thing to women out there to inspire them on
their journey to success what would it be?
Don’t be afraid of having a dream and saying it out loud.
The first stage of bring a dream to life, is admitting that you have one.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Interview with Kathryn Eisman....stay tuned

As she launches her new book "How to tell a woman by her handbag" Private Access takes a sneak peak into the life of one of Australia's brightest, youngest and most amazing women.

Monday, June 14, 2010

From Control to Flow.......

This weekend I learned about going with the flow.... Like a beautiful summer dress that moves with your every move so should the very things that make our life worth living. So often we hang on tight believing that if we do, life will work out exactly the way we want it to!

Every woman knows the feeling of a pair of jeans that are too tight, a pair of shoes that just rubs the wrong way every time we wear them and that well put together outfit that doesn't seem to allow us the room to express who we really are! We also know the feeling that comes from a shoe that just fits, it's comfy and with every step we feel like we're walking on air, the caftan or flowing dresses, the layers or a soft leather jacket that feels like a perfectly fit that is what life should feel like!

There is a saying "We plan and God laughs" and how true that is! I have learnt that life will take us where it takes us....and sometimes that is a frightening experience. We have the essence of what we want to achieve but the details which we also want to control are somewhat uncontrollable. From the men we end up marrying to the people who end up meaning the most to us, to where we ultimately end up is a game of dreaming, planning and letting go. We must surrender to something greater that guides our lives and takes us on a journey which will be for the best.

Sure, we must exercise our better judgement because we will also be tested to see whether we are committed to our dreams so I am not advocating taking every opportunity that comes because some are simply tests to see whether we can make better choices...but I am saying that with the wisdom in our minds and the love in our hearts we move with the energy which flows through us. A gentle breeze that takes us to a better place than we could have ever imagined and controlled with our rational minds.

We think we know what and who will be the best for us and our future but what I learned this weekend is that by letting go of the hold on life we can be surprised by the person that is right in front of us and the perfectly imperfect life that unfolds.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Life Lessons from The Saint, The Surfer & The CEO

There are times in life when living our truth becomes harder and harder. We are faced with temptations that we simply cannot resist and fall prey to what the Kabbalah calls our evil inclinations. We are tempted away from our path and into the fork in the road which takes us down a different path to the one we know is the right one!

As all roads lead to Rome, I have realised that perhaps the forks in the road are a necessary evil to get us back on track and knowing what is our truth and what matters most. I've learned that living by our highest values is what gives us joy and fulfillment and when I have gone down various paths that are not aligned with my truth I have felt the pain that comes with it.

So why does the path present itself in the first place? Why if a person is bad for us do they come into our lives? I have often heard and more often spoken the words myself which go something like 'But if this was bad for me why did God bring this into my life' or we assess whether to be in a relationship and wonder why God would bring a person to us if we weren't meant to be with them??

A very wise Rabbi recently answered that question for me. He gave me an analogy to chocolate and gluten, both of which are not good for me, give me allergies and reactions which I feel for days to come. The temptation is always there and just the same in life....people will be sent to us so that we can learn to be stronger, make better choices, know our truth and stick to it. We are sent the 'bad' ones so we learn to recognise the 'bad' choices that we make and the reasons we keep making them just as we do by eating the chocolate knowing that it will give us an outcome which is less than favourable.

My Rabbi told me that I can continue eating the chocolate but I also know the outcome and consequences of my decision. Life is exactly the same....we are presented with the temptations, the things we dont have the strength to say no to and we are given a test of will, a test of whether we truly believe in what is important and a test to see if we will give that up or become stronger.

Our truth is our guiding light and our road map to our best life. We can take a detour but our internal GPS will always command us to do a U-turn and come back to what we know will make us most happiest. The hard part is letting go of all the things, distractions, people and places that take us away from our true path and find the courage to live our truth each and every day in every possible way! Each day is a test to see whether we really will do whatever it takes to make our dreams a reality and to make our lives a living reflection of what is in our hearts and our souls.....

Many years ago I read 'The Saint, The Surfer & CEO'. A book which inspired me greatly and allowed me to see that we can learn life's lessons from living like a saint, a surfer & a CEO. That living our truth comes from aligning ourselves with the soul of a saint and living a spiritual life, the surfer who rides the wave and is free as he creates a life that he loves which is not dictated by anyone else and the CEO who becomes a creator of the work they love to do and is in the business of making a difference in the world.

Robin Sharma's book has helped me live my hearts desires and create a life that I love!!!
You can order your copy by clicking here or on the book below

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