Thursday, March 31, 2011

Style in the City

This week I bring you street style from our home cities, Sydney and Melbourne. I believe Australia is as stylish as any of the other cities around the world and is beginning to make it's mark on the world fashion stage. We seem to bring our laid back and relaxed lifestyle into our styling choices which makes for a unique individuality that I just love!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rock Chic

I was once told that "leather is forever" and I don't doubt that one bit! With the winter season upon us once again, it is time to dust off your leather jacket, skinny jeans and boots and get into the spirit of the rock chic.

With a focus on leather, studs and embellishments, how could you go wrong, especially if you follow in the footsteps of designers like Sass and Bide and Balmain who have adopted for this rock-a-billy look for the past few seasons. The key to getting the perfect balance of toughness is all in the hardware detailing: think big buckles, an overdose of studs, spiked heels and a lot of black. It is edgy, cool and grungy, and when done right, the rock chic look is forever in style.

Monday, March 28, 2011

She rocks fashion....Christine Centenera

Coco Chanel was so spot on when she said that "Fashion changes but style is eternal". I have often thought that style is something a woman is born with but I have seen how for me personally as I have grown into the woman I am today, what I wear and how I wear it has also evolved.

Where I live also influences the choices that I make and what I know now is that it's not how much we spend on the things we wear, but it is how we put them together to create a look that speaks more of who we are and who we are not than spending $300 on one item.

One young woman who seems to rock fashion is Christine Centenera, fashion editor of Harpers Bazaar Australia. She definately inspires me.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Private Access Woman TREND REPORT: Maxi Skirt

When something is spotted parading down most of the SS/2011 international runways including Lanvin (pictured above), Jil Sander and MaxMara and the fashion world’s elites including Olivia Palermo and Kate Bosworth are seen sporting the look, you know it's sure to become a major trend, and a major trend it is. The maxi skirt has gone from zero to hero as those short shorts and mini skirts have been moved to the back of the cupboard and the maxi skirt takes the spotlight!
With a sliming silhouette, feminine and elegant vibe and effortless feel who could resist? What’s better is that this season anything goes- a print, black, sheer, pastel or bright, one thing is certain: the maxi is having a serious fashion moment! Convert this look easily from day to night with a loose tee or singlet teamed with jewelled flats for lunch dates or pop on your sky-high heels and accessories for some serious night time fun. One thing to remember, the maxi is a statement piece on it’s own so keep everything else simple. The maxi skirt is all about luxury, it is undeniably chic and irresistibly classic making it perfect for every occasion. I don't see this trend going anywhere anytime soon as it has it's feet firmly planted in it's Jimmy Choo's!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Street Snapper

Over the past decade street style has grown into a major leader and influential decider in the upcoming trends and fashions.

Many designers and great fashion houses are now looking at these street style blogs as their creative influences, turning to real women who are ahead of the curve and ahead of the fashion pack. They are the women who are sociable, the women who stand out in the crowd, aren't afraid to show their true colours and ultimately, the women who are stylishly confident.

This week our coveted ladies add a dash of colour to their wardrobes. Pair back basic black, white and neutrals with bursts of red, yellow and green to add that extra little spring into your step this season. Oh ladies, how we adore you.

We will be bringing you a weekly collection of 'Style in the City' from some of the world's greatest cities Paris, London, New York, Miami and of course women from our very own cities in Aussie land.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hotel Tugu Bali...Private Access HIP HOTELS

Eat in Italy, Pray in India and LOVE in Bali.

So what does one do in New York, Miami and Los Angeles. Welcome Private Access HIP HOTELS, where you will soon be able to login and find stylish destinations and ultimate travel experiences to awaken the fashionista within.

Some time ago whilst exploring the beauty and wonder of the Island of the Gods I was privileged to stay at one of Bali's historic hotels which was built upon a passion for the romantic beauty of the art, history and culture of Java and Bali.

With the ocean on it's doorstep and a collection of priceless Indonesian antiques and artworks adorning the many rooms of the resort, Hotel Tugu is a blend of pure tropical paradise for the mind and body and an out of the ordinary ambience which touches and invigorates the soul.

The staff takes care of guests with exceptional beauty and grace and a stay at Hotel Tugu is the way to experience Bali in true style.

Say goodbye to crowds and hello to soul-cleansing & surfing in this residential suburb.

Hotel Tugu offers Private Access members privileges off accommodation and their divine spa treatments.

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Letters to Juliet

I recently watch a film called "Letters to Juliet" and wondered if the same principles were applied whether I could actually write a "Letter to God" and have it answered.

Not so long ago in the midst of confusion and asking the common question of "Why is this happening" a special person encouraged me to write such a letter. I must say that amongst being something quite funny to do, it provided me with just the right amount of hope and encouragement needed even if I never received the answer to the big question of why?

As I poured myself into an email to it was an experience that left me with an outlet to say everything I wanted to express, good and bad and perhaps for a change I found myself thanking God for all that has been provided and like a love letter to Juliet asking for the "one" or sharing a heartbreak, I too shared the deep longing in my heart for the things I truly wished for my life.

We all wish for certain things and at times feel alone on the journey of life wondering why God is not answering our prayers. Through this process I have been able to find an avenue for expressing the deepest longings of my heart and pouring them into the 21st century God@gmail.

Often we wonder why God hasn't answered our prayers but what I see is that he speaks to us through many avenues. He is not always direct, sometimes in our nightly dreams, other times through a street sign or a number plate or even just opening our eyes to what is and who is right in front of us that IS the answer to the prayers.

There is a saying that goes something like "Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it"

So you must be wondering if he actually answered my email. I can happily say that he did and not in the way that I expected. This 21st century God opened my eyes and let me see that all of my wishes were coming true and that there truly was a God who listened and answered as long as we were willing to ask.

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