Thursday, November 18, 2010

Finding my feet....Dior Style

Finding our feet sometimes takes a little longer than we had expected or wanted. We sift through the many choices that confront us daily as well as fight the demons in our head about what is possible. There have been times where people told me that I couldn't do it, that it was too hard or that I needed thousands of dollars to even start. I have found that where there's a will there is always a way.

I have recently witnessed this with a friend who thought that his dream of starting his own superyacht company was many light years away. He saw himself "there" at 40 but the question on my lips of course was, what was he doing today to get there by 40? As he told me how long it would take for him to design just one of his amazing creations and of course in his mind it was a very long time, me being me I broke it down and calculated that it would actually take him a few days to design one and if he wanted three then he could have it done in just over a week - problem solved right? Well in my mind at least, in his he couldnt possibly see how he could have it done in such a short time. So yes he continued to complain about where he was right now and to feel frustrated because of where he wanted to be - common problem!

The problem was not his talent or his ability but more importantly in what he believed and what others told him to believe about what was possible for his life.

Well somehow I have managed to change his mind and that wasn't easy - he is very stubborn!
And because of that he has now set up his company, published his website and had his creations published online the other day...and for those who know me well I don't take no for an answer but instead become more determined to prove that it is possible....mission accomplished :-)

I myself like many others have been shaped and moulded in this way by well meaning loved ones who want the best for me - yes of course they do! What they want is to be happy and if you succeeding means that they will be less so than they will do whatever they can to make sure they are "helping you".

I have discovered that it is up to us to take responsibility and control of life, our future and our happiness. Finding our feet is about our self esteem and belief in who we are that goes beyond what others think is possible. Like Edison I have found thousands of ways of failing, jobs that didn't work out, things I started but never finished, well meaning people who 's words put my dreams on hold... all this has made me stronger and I can truly say that I have finally found my feet which don't seem to be much use when I have also discovered that I have wings with which to fly.
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