Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The one I never wanted...to finding the one I do!

Dealing with broken hearts, broken promises and broken expectations can be a painful ordeal. We have all been there one time or another or maybe one time too many where we knew the person in front of us is not the right one, we may have walked away a hundred times but still going back again for that last try. I know we have all been there many times but that somehow does not make it any easier. The pain can tear us apart and maybe the pain is old accumulated from the other times before that and before that and before that again!

I often wonder why when we know that someone or something is not quite right for us that we stick it out instead of walking away? But what I do know is that holding on eventually tears us apart and instead of making an empowered choice we get to a point where we are desperately hanging on to something we never wanted in the first place.

What I know is that love no matter for how long it lasts has the ability to teach, change and transform us into getting what we truly deserve and want. We as women often hold on for far too long, we love much too hard and dont give ourselves enough credit for how amazing we really are. We are meant to find our life partner to share our hopes and dreams with, someone who will be there for us and love as deeply as we do. Until that day comes we continue to be challenged and to have our hearts torn open but what I have found is that it makes me more determined, compassionate and able to love more deeply the next time around. And that is a blessing and a gift and I know I will be grateful for having left the one I never wanted to meet the one I truly do!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Private Access WOMAN launch...Eat Pray & Love in Style

We know the journey isn't easy so you might as well do it in style. And that is exactly what we did at the recent launch of Private Access WOMAN.

Bringing together 120 women in one place (and a few men) to celebrate the premier of Eat Pray Love and support UNIFEM a campaign for violence against women....its amazing to see what women can achieve together.

With Tempus Two champagne, Chanel cupcakes and a luxurious venue serving culinary delights, it was certainly a beautiful night to celebrate being a woman.

VIP HUSSY & LEONA EDMISTON goodie bags were filled with luxury brands including Essie nailpolish, Bvlgari, Lolita Lempicka, Kiehls, inspiring books, Balance Water and every guest receiving a full bottle of Tempus Two bubbly thanks to Private Access..... now everyone can live a privileged life.

And I got to wear the Butterfly dress designed and created by Marie Hatzis the founder of Hussy who is also a leading mentor for Private Access Woman. It really is a woman's world!


Learning to Eat, Pray & Love

There is a journey we all must take at one time or another to re discover who we truly are. I recently attended the premier of Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts and finally was able to make sense of the many journey's I myself have taken over the years when things came to an end in my life. And end to a relationship or a transition in my career path or to mend my broken heart and weary soul from the challenges of life.

The only thing I have known is to jump on that plane and head to another country in search of myself. To find out who I was yet again because I have found that as we transition from one chapter to another at times we need to look deep within to see the person we no longer are and the person we wish to be.

Some would say that taking off on another adventure is running away, I would say that it takes courage to pack up your life yet again and to leave the familiar behind....for me its running towards something new and I have found that each time I have grown immensely from the experience and was able to create the life I truly wanted only by taking a break from the life I had outgrown.

As Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love has everything that 'should' make her happy her spirit is in need of something greater. I believe that knowing thyself is one of the most important things we must undertake in this lifetime if we are to find lasting joy and fulfillment. We must define who we are, what we love, what is no longer us and go about re discovering the new woman that is waiting to be seen.

By some I have been often labelled as high maintenance. I am not sure whether it's me knowing exactly what I want and stopping at nothing to attain my goals & dreams or it's the fact that I know which food makes me feel good, which activities make me feel bad and which places drain me of my energy....in some people's eyes this could be way 'too hard' but in mine I see it as the most liberating path to truly knowing what makes me tick and what doesnt and only focussing my attention on what works for no one else but ME. Yes its all about me - in my wisdom I have learned that no one takes care of you but YOU and through getting to know yourself you can finally learn how to truly live without limitations. You can finally let go and be free to be who you were meant to be. You can also focus on the 20% that will give you 80% of what you truly desire in this life. They call it high maintenance, I call that smart!

So whether you need to learn to Eat, to Pray or to Love, the journey begins within but sometimes there are special places that we can travel to which will help us to learn the lessons we need to evolve on our path and sometimes we need to stay right where we are and find that place deep within our own hearts.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fashionable Metamorphosis....by Nina Richards


I’ve always believed that fashion is a true expression of oneself: as fashion never lies. Fashion comes in many different styles, forms, colours and appearances. One person’s idea of the perfect outfit is another’s idea of disastrous. And this is the true beauty of it all. There is no right or wrong way of fashion, everyone consumes it and expresses it in endless ways. One of the most valuable lessons I have learnt is that fashion is the greatest way for self-expression and allows infinite possibilities to discover and transform oneself.

In today’s world we are all become more and more common. Everyone wants the same things, to look the same and to be the same. We are literally turning into a world of clones. I can’t pin point the exact moment when being unique, being an individual and standing up for what you believe as an individual diminished. When did being different become being strange? No one likes to be lost amongst a crowd; we were all born with specific ambitions and individual goals in life so why do we continue to strive to be the same? Maybe it’s the fear that being unique will make you look peculiar, make you not fit in with everyone around you. But when did that become a bad thing? We need the courage to turn all of this around and become the individual’s that we were born to be.

Fashion is a way for you to resist the globalization of normality and resist turning into a blank face in a crowded room. Fashion can express what you feel, what you love and who you are in every piece of clothing, without you having to utter a single word. This is a true form of art. Style has the ability to not only change the way the world sees you, it has the ability to change the way you see yourself. Imagine if we all walked around wearing the exact same thing, what a boring world that would be. No two outfits are the same, the same as no two people are the same. So show the world that being you is truly amazing and most of all, that you are one of a kind.

It is not your clothes that make you who you are but they definitely tell a lot about you, more than any words can possibly display. Nevertheless, the clothes that you wear should be a piece of who you are, a piece of your heart. The greatest gift that fashion has ever given us is the ability to express who we are every single day. So don’t take this for granted and always remember it’s the way in which these clothes are expressed that makes us truly shine.

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