Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The one I never wanted...to finding the one I do!

Dealing with broken hearts, broken promises and broken expectations can be a painful ordeal. We have all been there one time or another or maybe one time too many where we knew the person in front of us is not the right one, we may have walked away a hundred times but still going back again for that last try. I know we have all been there many times but that somehow does not make it any easier. The pain can tear us apart and maybe the pain is old accumulated from the other times before that and before that and before that again!

I often wonder why when we know that someone or something is not quite right for us that we stick it out instead of walking away? But what I do know is that holding on eventually tears us apart and instead of making an empowered choice we get to a point where we are desperately hanging on to something we never wanted in the first place.

What I know is that love no matter for how long it lasts has the ability to teach, change and transform us into getting what we truly deserve and want. We as women often hold on for far too long, we love much too hard and dont give ourselves enough credit for how amazing we really are. We are meant to find our life partner to share our hopes and dreams with, someone who will be there for us and love as deeply as we do. Until that day comes we continue to be challenged and to have our hearts torn open but what I have found is that it makes me more determined, compassionate and able to love more deeply the next time around. And that is a blessing and a gift and I know I will be grateful for having left the one I never wanted to meet the one I truly do!

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