Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Battle of the Fashion Cities: Brisbane

We can all agree that Australian's like to stick together... we are a loyal bunch after all. However, there is one topic that will forever divide the country... what is Australia's fashion capital? We know that Canberra is technically the capital of Australia (yes, Canberra, not Sydney), Melbourne is famous for it's cute lane-ways bursting with culture, Sydney has the Opera House, Bondi beach and the Harbour Bridge and Brisbane is the sunshine capital with expanding white beaches on either side of the city. Each one brings something unique and appealing to our country, but which can be crowned as Australia's Fashion Capital? Of course, it all depends completely on what you think makes a city the "fashion capital," but for the next three weeks I am going to do the battle of the cities as I analyse the fashion trends and styles for Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and let you be the judge of who is the righteous owner of the desired fashion crown.

Firstly, the state I was born and bred in: Queensland. Queenslanders have an effortless manner like no other thanks to the picturesque environmental surroundings and a focus on the beach and sunny climate. With 30+ days a usual for this bunch it is no wonder they dress for outdoor activities in a relaxed and casual demure. Although you will find diversity throughout the state with the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast opting for denim shorts and a white tee as their staple outfit, Brisbane prefers a more edgier, classic look. One thing is for certain though, Queenslanders are a fan of bold prints and loud colour, making them in their element this season with block colours having a major fashion moment.

Although Queensland is often forgotten about in the continuous "which city is more fashionable" debate, it is home to some of fashion's greatest including the Sass and Bide duo and Leona Edmiston. While the sunshine state get's most of it's inspiration nationally, it also looks to its international counterparts including LA and Miami for influences focusing on attire suitable to the climate. Local brands including One Teaspoon, Maurie and Eve, Shakuhachi and Brisbane born Gail Sorronda are fashion favourites while swimsuits from Zimmerman, Anna and Boy and Seafolly become almost a uniform during the summer season.
All in all, Brisbane, and more generally, Queensland is a fashion capital based around the amazing climate that they are blessed with. With the majority of the year being warm enough to wear your swimsuit it is no wonder why this fashion bunch favour local labels that also know how to design for the Aussie weather. Their relaxed, cool and casual look is put together in a way that oozes confidence and street appeal and while they are normally overlooked for fashion inspiration, I think Queenslanders are a fashionable bunch knowing better than no other how to rock a summer ensemble. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Your Little Hussy

Everyone's favourite Aussie label Hussy has now bought out a so cute (yet, so wrong!), titled label, Little Hussy. Little Hussy is their new juniors range consisting of sweet silk dresses, cute jersey tops and cotton bloomers in grey marle, rich purple, turquoise and a jungle inspired print taken straight from Hussy's current collection, Enchanted.

The range is inspired by Hussy designer Marie Ritchie's young daughter believing that the Hussy fan base has grown up alongside her and, similarly, wants to shop for beautiful and simple pieces for their daughter, as well as themselves. Hussy has made it that much easier for busy mums on the go to shop for classic,  effortless and on-trend pieces not just for yourself but your daughter all at the same time. And with pieces this adorable I wish I was 15 years younger!

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The glamorous life of fashion pr.. or is it?

It's not all freebies, glamor and lunch dates- although that is a great part of it. But the public relations world is also hard work, long hours and as un-glamorous at times as it comes. There's a perception about the fashion world that many people believe. For some reason, (The Devil Wears Prada springs to mind!) the fashion realm is thought of as a bitchy, catty and a competitive workplace filled with shallow people caring only about designer labels and living off a diet of lettuce leaves. I recently discovered working within the fashion world couldn't be more opposite to this. For two weeks I had the privilege of working at a fashion PR company in Sydney and it was the most rewarding and full filling two weeks I could have imagined.

At first I was thoroughly intimidated (we all hear stories after all), but that intimidation quickly turned to admiration as the workplace was filled with laughter, energy and drive. Everyone possessed a commitment to produce the best outcome that I greatly respected and it's this love for the job that constructs a positive workplace. As I got a taste of what really goes on behind closed doors of a fashion and lifestyle public relations company my time was generally filled with sorting through racks and racks of clothes (heaven!) and working closely with magazine editors and assistants packing, sending, receiving and unpacking more bags of clothes than I dared to count! Another major requirement in this world is schmoozing and dining with all the fashion folk (not that I did any of that being at the bottom of the ladder), the closest thing I got to dining was going on coffee runs and getting handed a shopping list for the lunch order. However, it taught me the the importance of building and maintaing a strong relationship with the ones your working with, especially editors and stylists. It is a difficult and strenuous job, with lots of people to please but you quickly realise that pleasing everyone is a hard gig to do.

At the end of the day my expectations about the fashion pr world were morphed into reality and I realised it's not all about scoring awesome freebies, wearing high heels and going out on free lunch dates. It's dedication, commitment and a special love for what you do. It's not a 9-5 job, it's network building and long hours but it's an extremely rewarding world. I met some amazing people and contacts and in the fashion world all you need is that perfectly manicured foot in the door. Oh, and some make up freebies were in the job description too, but who wouldn't expect freebies after two weeks of unpaid work. Ahh the joys of being an intern.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Put a spring in your step.

We have officially ended the first week of Spring and I couldn't be happier. Spring is my favourite season by far, it's time to throw off all those heavy clothes and rejoice colour, patterns and an all round happier lifestyle. It is the season for camping, picnics in the park and bike rides with friends. In some sense, I feel like spring is the beginning of a new year, a new chapter. It is a time where you can forget your winter blues and just look forward to the warm weather ahead, whatever it may bring. 

However, tran-seasonal dressing comes in to play with the weather fluctuating between being winter-esque or more of a summer feeling. Lightweight fabrics in pastel and paisley prints provide a perfect choice and are great for layering while the bright florals are a drastic change to the usual drab winter tones. On those days where the weather is as unpredictable as your hair in the wind it is best to mix your summer favourites with winter staples like shorts and a leather jacket or a dress with an oversized blazer. But remember spring is all about rejoicing the outdoors so make sure you show off some skin in skirts, shorts and mini dresses and pair it back with a jacket or long sleeves. So rejoice this happy season in the company of the ones that matter the most and make your stylistic choices reflect the season change.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Australian's Do it Best.

We're a country known greatest for our rolling white beaches, red outback, distinctive cities and mostly, for our relaxed and causal demeanour. These are the things that evidently influence our Australian fashion designers and the way in which they design and put together each outfit. With a lifestyle that evolves around the outdoors and sunshine there is no wonder why we are the leaders in Summer styling. Favouring shorts, hats, mini dresses and tanks you can pick out an Australian designer a mile away as their design qualities are often integrated in vibrant colours, unique prints and innovative shapes. Australians design with a loose and casual aesthetic and are not afraid to experiment with different styles and rich colours and textures. We're an independent and modern bunch who favour to step away from the often synonymous collections from our American and European counterparts. Arnsdorf, Therese Rawsthorne, Camilla and Marc, Bec and Bridge and Rachel Gilbert are among the Aussie bunch that is becoming sought after around the world and we are now not only on the world map for our amazing surroundings and friendly personalities. We've officially landed on the fashion map and are applauded for our distinctive, fresh and dynamic design elements.
Camilla and Marc
Dion Lee
Rachel Gilbert
Therese Rawsthorn
Bec & Bridge
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