Thursday, September 1, 2011

Australian's Do it Best.

We're a country known greatest for our rolling white beaches, red outback, distinctive cities and mostly, for our relaxed and causal demeanour. These are the things that evidently influence our Australian fashion designers and the way in which they design and put together each outfit. With a lifestyle that evolves around the outdoors and sunshine there is no wonder why we are the leaders in Summer styling. Favouring shorts, hats, mini dresses and tanks you can pick out an Australian designer a mile away as their design qualities are often integrated in vibrant colours, unique prints and innovative shapes. Australians design with a loose and casual aesthetic and are not afraid to experiment with different styles and rich colours and textures. We're an independent and modern bunch who favour to step away from the often synonymous collections from our American and European counterparts. Arnsdorf, Therese Rawsthorne, Camilla and Marc, Bec and Bridge and Rachel Gilbert are among the Aussie bunch that is becoming sought after around the world and we are now not only on the world map for our amazing surroundings and friendly personalities. We've officially landed on the fashion map and are applauded for our distinctive, fresh and dynamic design elements.
Camilla and Marc
Dion Lee
Rachel Gilbert
Therese Rawsthorn
Bec & Bridge

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