Monday, February 27, 2012

True Religion

We all know how heated a discussion can get when we bring up God and religion and there are so many of us asking questions as to the meaning of life and if there really is that big G in the sky looking over each and every one of us.

Having grown up attending a Jewish school I really couldn't understanding the stories of the burning bush and splitting of the sea. To me they seemed a little far fetched and exactly what they are "stories". I have often questioned if these events took place or did these stories hold a deeper meaning and explanation for the mysteries of the universe and our purpose here on earth.

For many years I took the spiritual path instead of the religious one. I connected to this beautiful energy I felt after my yoga practices, my meditation sessions and later the healing energy and power of reiki. But as you would have it my life took me back to my roots and back to the traditions of my Jewish faith. I often see that people are afraid of religion but what they are missing is the spirit and beauty of the teachings which bring us true lasting fulfillment not found in a ipad, iphone or "i" anything!

The path to happiness and our "true religion" according to Kabbalah is to share our unconditional love with others. To give instead of receive, to share instead of take and in this world it's a difficult task when we're all buying into the "i" mentality. The teachings tell us that we are beings of light and it is when we disconnect from the light within that all chaos begings. We are overcome with fear, anger, revenge and the "desire to receive for the self" creating a short circuit which goes from the initial high of our selfish desire to complete darkness.

Kabbalah teaches that it is the light that we are really after, everything in this world is vibrational energy emanating light. Yet the lasting fulfillment only comes from filling ourselves up from the inside out. An unhappy person with a Mercedes is still a misery and creates unhappiness wherever he may go. Our happiness does not come from what happens outside of us, it comes from what happens within. Our joy is the love we give, the friends we make and the people who love us and we love back creating a flow of energy of sharing that goes around and around.

Connecting to our inner light is where the real happiness comes from, we literally fall in love with who we are, what we bring to others and how we share that light in our life. Things happen around us and they are just part of the 1% world and according to Kabbalah all that we want is in the 99% where the true light is. By resisting our impulsive nature to take revenge, to take for the self alone and to do what our inner voice tells us to hurt others, we plummet deeper into the darkness and create more chaos in our lives.

I have also found that TRUE RELIGION is not going through the motions of prayer, ritual, festivals. It is about knowing the spiritual depth of why we do these things and how they can transform us into better people and elevate our spirits bringing more and more light into our life. I have spent time with some very religious people, who have grown up knowing only that world of strict obedience to the rules and regulations of our Jewish faith yet what determines our "true religion" is who we are in our hearts. Some religious people do not have TV's in their homes as they believe that watching anything other than the G channel exposes them to such violence, sexual references which is not good for the mind and soul. As Karen Berg said so beautifully when her husband, a Kabbalistic leader wanted to throw their TV out "If the TV goes so do you" as she believed if someone watches TV but they will give you the shirt of their back then that is TRUE RELIGION.

As for the jeans they are pretty nice but whether they are branded True Religion or not, we really need to look deeper into one's heart to determine their real religion and not what they look like on the outside wearing the 'religious' garb and doing the rituals blindly without consciousness.

Love xx Mia

Thursday, February 23, 2012

New York Fashion Week.

New York fashion week is where the real stylists come to play. This season it featured everything from white on white, wide leg trousers, maxis, minis, quilted leather jackets and neon hits. So really, it had everything. This season is about channelling what you love most and making it unique and individual. These women have got it going on and really heating up the New York winter blues.

Friday, February 17, 2012

David Jones AW12

Wednesday night saw a star studded audience flock to the newly refurbished 7th floor at David Jones Elizabeth Street store. This was the night of their annual AW collection featuring Miranda Kerr, Samantha Harris and Australia's Next Top Model winner, Montana Cox. The models walked through a sea of cafe tables replicating a 1920s New York style cafe setting. All the models sported sleek hair and minimal make-up except for a bright red lip. Miranda Kerr opened the show in a divine Josh Goot suit and also featured in a bright orange Dion Lee dress, whimsical white Willow dress and finally closed the show in a sexy Collette Dinnigan number. Montana Cox was seen looking youthful and fresh in an all white Bassike suit. Overall the night was a celebration of the beauty and innovation of Australian fashion and the vast range of designers featured at David Jones.

Video from the highlights of the night.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Elin Kling is Style King.

Elin Kling. There is really not much else to say when it comes to this style queen. And if you haven't heard the name, you should have seen the face. After all, she is all over nearly every fashion blog and has left street snappers falling at her feet.

Elin Kling has achieved international fame being the owner of Scandinavia's largest fashion blog- Style by Kling. Starting off as a model it was not only Kling's striking looks and blonde bombshell hair that created recognition but her swoon worthy ensembles. She tends to not focus on trends, with her looks being about style and its this approach to dressing that has seen her collaborate with top international chain store H&M. Following in the footsteps of Lanvin, Stella McCartney and Donatella Versace, Kling produced nine stylish and modern pieces for the store. Today she is the Editor of own found magazine Style By.

Her perfectly executed and well put together looks have been carefully constructed through a creative process. Her simple foundations are built upon with one statement piece adding to each outfit bringing together the look with attitude and confidence. Leather pants, distressed denim cut offs and white tees provide the basis of her outfits which are then dressed up with a blazer and a pair of killer heels. Confidence, beautiful and always so impeccably dressed. Elin Kling can do no wrong.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Everyday woman wearing extraordinary things.

A woman's world is all about succeeding the most she can while looking and feeling her best doing it. I love dedicating posts not only of the leading fashion ladies over the world and our favourite luxury brands, but the everyday woman. The woman who is sitting at her computer reading this blog, week after week. It is this woman that I find the most intriguing with their original and interesting outfit ideas that don't come from celebrity stylist or the red carpet but come from the wardrobes of everyday women. And all these images were shot by none other than photography powerhouse Vanessa Jackman as she trawls the world finding these creative individuals looking equally impeccable herself.  

So here is another post dedicated to all the mothers, wives, best friends, daughters, lovers and all-round stylish and confident women of the world! 
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