Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Miranda Kerr... Housewife in Harper's.

Miranda Kerr is one smokin' hot mumma! She graces the cover of Harper's Bazaar Australia November issue reminding us all why she continues to be Australia's hottest export. Showing no signs of having given birth to son, Flynn, only 10 months prior, 28-year-old Mrs Bloom looked immaculately flawless.
Australia's favourite supermodel channels her inner Italian goddess meets housewife in this season's hottest colours and prints. Floral prints, turbans, retro inspired swimwear and full skirts were all favoured for this housewife as she is seen on the cover wearing an Isola by Megan Gale bikini top and a Mary Katrantzou skirt and in other shots draping in Bvlgari jewels. With a dream team consisting of Simon Lekias behind the lens and Jillian Davison in charge of styling it is no wonder this shoot can only be described as high fashion at its finest. 
When asked about her role as a mother Kerr said "it's the best thing I have ever done, becoming a mother puts everything into perspective. You become more comfortable in your own skin." And this shows as Miranda is captured going about her everyday duties like watching television, gracefully lounging around on the couch, fixing herself in the mirror and laying naked on the bed reading the morning paper in nothing but a turban and high heels. If only we could all look so impeccably stylish doing our everyday duties we too might call Orlando Bloom ours... one can only dream.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The style diaries of Christine Centenera

It's no surprise that I absolutely adore Christine Centenera (who doesn't!) and follow her stylistic choices like it was a matter of life or death. Her recent stint around the European fashion shows left a trail of street style photographers tripping over their feet trying to capture her every look. Christine Centenera is of course the magazine insider that has left the world green with envy. 
From her Givenchy Indian inspired tee to her Ostwalk Helegason cobweb-like knit and Miu Miu skirt, Josh Goot puff jacket and Balenciago skirt, the Australian Harper's Bazaar Fashion Editor never manages to step a foot wrong. Her minimal, boyish look can be easily translated from a casual lunch date to a night out. The thing I love most about Centenera is her ability to put everyday pieces together whether it's a plain white tee, basic tank or your staple black bandage skirt and mix these with a few statement pieces for a I just woke up and threw this on but still look amazing look
She religiously graces the street style blogs and is the epitome of statement chic reminding us why she holds the title of Fashion Editor. She prefers to accessories with statement jewelry and shoes rather than handbags and is always seen sporting her blue Hermes notebook instead of the latest "it" bag like many other fashion insiders. Centenera is in an element of her own not just with her style choices but her lust worthy hair that one can only dream to have. It's choppy and often a little messy which complements her thrown together look perfectly. This is one style diary you wish you could call your own!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Battle of the fashion cities: Melbourne

Melbourne, the city famous for it's understated coolness is the third, and final installment in the battle of the cities. Described as the cultural hub of Australia, Melbourne mimics our European friends with it's bustling lane-ways and hidden boutiques. When I think of Melbourne fashion I think of black... lots of layers of black. Melbournians are a very individual and diverse bunch and you'll never know what you'll pass on the street. Unlike Sydney and Brisbane, Melbourne isn't focused on the climate and  outdoors, preferring shopping to not only be a choice but a part of the lifestyle. 
Melbournians are definitely aware of the trends but don't follow them religiously opting instead to interpret them in their own unique ways. With amazing historic buildings and mysterious lane-ways surrounding the city the architectural influences are evident in their dressing, by mixing and experimenting with different textures, shapes and directions. Pushing the boundaries of the norm the Melbourne folk aren't afraid to try new things, however the city is a sea of black, black and more black. Although they're not a big fan of colour they are still eccentric individuals with an intellectual aesthetic, and don't be surprised if you find more girls in pants and guys in heels. 
Underground cool is the simplest way to describe the Melbournians. Their staple outfit would consist of ankle boots, pants, jackets and lots of drapey black layers. Thought of more as a winter dressing city, Melbourne's often 40+ summer days force the layers off for a more simple, yet still eclectic style of dressing for the summer. However, Melbourne is and will always be the quirky, unique and stylistic city that has paved it's own way in Australia and will be loved for its cultural differences. 
We have come to the end of the three week challenge to determine who exactly is Australia's fashion capital. And I have concluded that whether you prefer the relaxed and casual demeanour of Queensland, sexy and sophisticated Sydney or edgy and unique Melbourne, we are just a fashionable bunch overall. You be the judge, or just accept we are all unique and fashionable in our own special ways.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Battle of the fashion cities: Sydney

The second instalment in the battle of the fashion stakes is Sydney. Sydney is trend driven, body conscious and often considered to be ahead of the fashion pack. It is, of course, the hub of the fashion industry being the home of Australian Fashion Week, the magazine world and most of the fashion pr companies all coming out of this city. Sunglasses and handbags play an all important role in a Sydneysiders ensemble, preferring to add individual statement accessories to stand out amongst the crowd.
With the top magazines based in Sydney it is evident why they keep a close watch on international trends, basing their outfit choices on the catwalks from around the globe. However they manage to interpret them in their own unique way, injecting one look into their outfit instead of head-to-toe designer. Like Queensland, Sydney has the beachy Australian culture playing a major stylistic role, however, they add a sexiness angle to their dressing. They adore brands like Sass and Bide, Ksubi, Ellery and Camilla and Marc and prefer summer dressing like their northern friends. You will find many different looks and styles throughout Sydney from a beachy bohemian look in Bondi to the edgy coolness of Surry Hills and the preppy North Shore. They all hold their own in the style stakes and because most of the fashion industry insiders call Sydney home you could of course call this the "fashion captial." Their artistic flair and ability in mixing simple staple pieces, paired back with one bold statement piece makes us believe style oozes out of their pores. Sydneysiders are always on trend, looking flawless, sexy and effortless. And with the Harbour Bridge and Opera House right on your doorstep stealing all the attention, how could you look anything less!
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