Thursday, October 13, 2011

Battle of the fashion cities: Melbourne

Melbourne, the city famous for it's understated coolness is the third, and final installment in the battle of the cities. Described as the cultural hub of Australia, Melbourne mimics our European friends with it's bustling lane-ways and hidden boutiques. When I think of Melbourne fashion I think of black... lots of layers of black. Melbournians are a very individual and diverse bunch and you'll never know what you'll pass on the street. Unlike Sydney and Brisbane, Melbourne isn't focused on the climate and  outdoors, preferring shopping to not only be a choice but a part of the lifestyle. 
Melbournians are definitely aware of the trends but don't follow them religiously opting instead to interpret them in their own unique ways. With amazing historic buildings and mysterious lane-ways surrounding the city the architectural influences are evident in their dressing, by mixing and experimenting with different textures, shapes and directions. Pushing the boundaries of the norm the Melbourne folk aren't afraid to try new things, however the city is a sea of black, black and more black. Although they're not a big fan of colour they are still eccentric individuals with an intellectual aesthetic, and don't be surprised if you find more girls in pants and guys in heels. 
Underground cool is the simplest way to describe the Melbournians. Their staple outfit would consist of ankle boots, pants, jackets and lots of drapey black layers. Thought of more as a winter dressing city, Melbourne's often 40+ summer days force the layers off for a more simple, yet still eclectic style of dressing for the summer. However, Melbourne is and will always be the quirky, unique and stylistic city that has paved it's own way in Australia and will be loved for its cultural differences. 
We have come to the end of the three week challenge to determine who exactly is Australia's fashion capital. And I have concluded that whether you prefer the relaxed and casual demeanour of Queensland, sexy and sophisticated Sydney or edgy and unique Melbourne, we are just a fashionable bunch overall. You be the judge, or just accept we are all unique and fashionable in our own special ways.

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  1. yay for melbourne!
    but i agree. there's always going to be stylish beauties everywhere you go. x.


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