Monday, March 25, 2013

All roads lead to Rome

Growing up I often heard the words "All roads lead to Rome" and it got me thinking the other day whether our life should be one straight path or whether a life full of zig zags is just as good if not better.  Last night I was reading The Abraham Teachings which tell us that life is meant to feel good for us and if it doesnt, our internal guidance system will wake us up and send the alarm that something is not quite right.  Unfortunately many of us don't often listen to how we feel or take the time to become aware of what we are doing in our life as such we live out by old patterns that we've outgrown but are still perpetuating in our lives because they feel known and safe.
If you've ever put on an itchy sweater or a pair of jeans that is just a little too tight you would understand the feeling of it not being quite right, a little too squeezy or itchy and it certainly doesn't make us feel like we are ready to take on the world in a pair of jeans which we can barely squeeze into, yes even if they are your favourite Sass & Bides.  Fashion like life needs to feel good, it needs to fit and most of all it must be right for you.  I am often amazed at how us women can fall prey to buying the latest and greatest when it soooo doesn't even suite us, doesn't make us look great or feel amazing but we squeeze our little bodies into it just so we can 'fit in'.
Fitting in is overrated, living your best life is the greatest pleasure of earth.  People will try to hold you back, they will try very hard to bring you down and they will attempt to control you because you shining your bright little light into the world and being happy is a threat to their very existence and  unfortunately they have not realised that there is another way to Rome, if only they were courageous enough to take that road and see where the path takes them.  It could be Rome, Melbourne, Gold Coast or it could be Miami, one is not better than the other because ultimately after all the zigs and the zags all that matters is love.  To love life, to love yourself, to love others, to love what you wear, to love what you do, to love the people around you and to love God.
To some my life has always seemed a little zig zaggy but I have realised that it was a perfect unfolding for me to experience life through travelling to unknown destinations, to engage with people from different cultures and ethnicities.  I have come to see that people are beautiful, I always had that youthful and at times naive outlook when it came to others.  I could always see the greatness that someone had even if what they were living was a far cry from who they truly were.  Somewhere along the road back to Rome or maybe from it I forgot that we are all a divine spark of the creator, I began to focus on the negatives, something I picked up from someone by osmosis.  What I now see is that it is much more enjoyable seeing the deliciousness of each person and the good that they bring to our lives.
Next time you encounter a person who seems to be on a mission to hurt you, know that they are simply crying out for help, attention and trying to get love but just have no idea how to.  I would have to say that many of us didn't receive the love we needed growing up.  Perhaps our parents just did our best but didn't know how to give us what we so needed.  Some of us take the path to Rome to discover who we are, others travel the globe in search to finally meet the right people at the right time in the right place that can show us what true unconditional love and family is all about so finally we know we have a place in the world, we fit, we belong and just like finding that perfect dress that doesn't itch and doesn't scratch we get to a place of what a partner used to call "cushy comfy" or maybe that is what "Rome" represents when you hear that famous saying "All roads lead to Rome".
In Rome, the only true constructed roads were built by the Roman empire, these lead to and from the city at the center of the empire, Rome. So, quite literally all roads led to Rome..... and all roads leads us back to our center, our own empire no matter the roads we take and the zig zags that we must endure.
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