Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Street Snapper

Over the past decade street style has grown into a major leader and influential decider in the upcoming trends and fashions.

Many designers and great fashion houses are now looking at these street style blogs as their creative influences, turning to real women who are ahead of the curve and ahead of the fashion pack. They are the women who are sociable, the women who stand out in the crowd, aren't afraid to show their true colours and ultimately, the women who are stylishly confident.

This week our coveted ladies add a dash of colour to their wardrobes. Pair back basic black, white and neutrals with bursts of red, yellow and green to add that extra little spring into your step this season. Oh ladies, how we adore you.

We will be bringing you a weekly collection of 'Style in the City' from some of the world's greatest cities Paris, London, New York, Miami and of course women from our very own cities in Aussie land.

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