Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Letters to Juliet

I recently watch a film called "Letters to Juliet" and wondered if the same principles were applied whether I could actually write a "Letter to God" and have it answered.

Not so long ago in the midst of confusion and asking the common question of "Why is this happening" a special person encouraged me to write such a letter. I must say that amongst being something quite funny to do, it provided me with just the right amount of hope and encouragement needed even if I never received the answer to the big question of why?

As I poured myself into an email to god@gmail.com it was an experience that left me with an outlet to say everything I wanted to express, good and bad and perhaps for a change I found myself thanking God for all that has been provided and like a love letter to Juliet asking for the "one" or sharing a heartbreak, I too shared the deep longing in my heart for the things I truly wished for my life.

We all wish for certain things and at times feel alone on the journey of life wondering why God is not answering our prayers. Through this process I have been able to find an avenue for expressing the deepest longings of my heart and pouring them into the 21st century God@gmail.

Often we wonder why God hasn't answered our prayers but what I see is that he speaks to us through many avenues. He is not always direct, sometimes in our nightly dreams, other times through a street sign or a number plate or even just opening our eyes to what is and who is right in front of us that IS the answer to the prayers.

There is a saying that goes something like "Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it"

So you must be wondering if he actually answered my email. I can happily say that he did and not in the way that I expected. This 21st century God opened my eyes and let me see that all of my wishes were coming true and that there truly was a God who listened and answered as long as we were willing to ask.

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