Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stylish Bag Lady...who would have thought!

For as long as I can remember being a "Bag Lady" was not something any woman would aspire to be but as times have changed and thank you to Kathryn Eisman we can now embrace the term with style and confidence. It's no longer about the brand, although I still love Chanel, but more about our personal style and what the bag says about who we truly are!


I’ve read that your book is a celebration of all kinds of women and that you aim to help women to understand who they are through their handbag choices…..How can women use your book to understand themselves better?
This book isn’t you’re cliché fashion book- it’s a celebration of women. Why we pick a certain bag above all others and carry that through life- reveals more about us than we dare imagine. The book also has ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ for each type of bag lady and offers comfort, advice and a few cheeky laughs.

We all know that fashion has the power to transform how we feel about ourselves. A new pair of heels to slip into, a pair of sexy jeans, a cashmere sweater….How can a handbag give us the confidence to take on the world?
It’s the item of apparel we keep closest to our heart. It’s a place of mystery and fantasy- only a fool would dare take a peek inside another woman’s bag! It carries all our secrets.

All women get the whole shoe thing…but bags? Tell us about your love affair with handbags and how it can change a woman’s life?
We change our shoes depending on our mood- but we’re much more loyal to the bag we carry, often selecting the same bag time and time again (despite all the others waiting for their turn). Our bags really are a reflection of who we are- I call it you’re Purse-onality.

They say dress for success is this also the case with handbags. How can choosing a particular bag help women achieve greater success?
They say dress for the position you want, and that’s certainly true with the handbag you carry. The link between a woman’s bag and her status in society has existed since Ancient Egypt and hieroglyphics. In the middle ages, a woman’s status in society was easily revealed by the level of embellishment and gems encrusted on the bag she carried. In the roaring 1920s, the mesh bag was elegant proof of a woman’s high socio-economic status.

What about the woman who can’t afford to buy a designer bag? Of course every woman would desire a Hermes, Chanel or Louis Vuitton and one understands the way these brands make us feel about ourselves…. But what about the great Aussie brands like Oroton, Mimco and Witchery….Does brand really matter or is it more about the style of the bag rather than price?
This book isn’t about how many dollars and cents you have in the bank- it’s about your sense of style, sense of humor and ultimately, your sense of self. The book explores a myriad of bags and only some of them are luxury labels, the rest are affordable. I’m less interested in the value of the bag and more interested in what that bag reveals about your values.

I’m a huge fan of our Aussie labels and have numerous bags by Australian designers. However, while they all come from home grown talent, the book shows that Oroton, Mimco and Witchery bag are all quite different and would be worn by a different kind of gal.

"Women are divine and mysterious ceatures, gracefully dancing their way through life, all the while carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. To fully understand a woman, dont be distracted by the light-footed skip in her step; look at the actual weight on her shoulder - her handbag. Whilst a woman's clothing and shoes change with different moods and seasons, its her handbag that remains loyal; after all, it is the item literally closest to her heart"....Kathryn Eisman


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