Thursday, February 4, 2010

Daddy's Money......Daddy's Girl

In the past for many of us women a life of privilege was one that our fathers gave us when we were daddy's little girls or the ones our future partners may help us to achieve. But today I am glad to see that there are women everywhere empowering themselves to greatness, to become leaders and masters of their own destinies.
Women in countries like Indonesia and India are given an opportunity not through a hand out but a hand up to claim their power and create a future for themselves and the next generation of women. I've often come to my own turning point in life where I felt the conflict between choosing the world of business which I absolutely love or the family which I so much desired. My profound moment came a year ago when I realised that I CAN have it all and that although daddy's money could help that my greatest joy would come from realising of my dreams and working to achieve them!!

This brings me to a question....Is a privileged life one that is given to us or is it one that we create for ourselves? The question you think the ones bon to riches would never ask. On the contrary, what I found is that the kids born into it are asking the questions just as the ones born without.

I have recently taken up the study of what it takes to truly succeed in life and not with Daddy's money, not with a silver spoon but with the sheer determination to reach the final destination if there is ever such a place!

After reading Ivanka Trumps new book "The Trump Card" I was inspired to see that a woman who has everything one could ask for still has something to prove to the world and herself. I have recently watch the documentary "Born Rich" which was created by the heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune.... Here he interviews many of the kids born into the privileged families of America. It was incredible to see that despite the inheritance that will come their way they had to work their way to the top of their game too, nothing was given to them except of course the comfortable surroundings in which they lived. All to often we see many of the richest kids in the world rebel against the life which has been handed to them, they still want to carve out a place of their own. We believe it would be easy to simply be born a Trump but what I can see is that no matter what our name is we still have a desire to fulfill a purpose.
So the question is whether a privileged life is one that we are born into or must we all find our special place in the world? I would say the latter.

Bearing the Trump name has its advantages, the education it affords you the experiences and travels to exotic destinations, private jets and shiny jewels, but I have found that these privileged kids of the super rich are looking to claim their own piece of the pie. They still, like us have something to prove. They still have a mission to make something of themselves and the pressure may be even more greater because of what's at stake.

So before we look upon others as having the upper hand in life or having it easy because of the name they have, let this be a lesson to us women that no matter where we come from whether Australia, America or India we have the opportunity for greatness within us, to create whatever we want in life if we want it bad enough. We can be all that we want to be and more in the boardroom, in the bedroom and in the nursery!

As women, lets not forget our greatness and reclaim our power and shine our light into the world. There is enough in the world for all of us, let us dream our little dream and travel the distance to make it happen.

I'll leave you with these words from Born Rich by Jamie Johnson which shows us that rich or poor, our money or daddy's money we all have the same desire to leave our footprints in the sand...."The great american dream is to build a bigger and better life than your parents have, but that dream was accomplished by my grand father. I live outside the american dream and its my job to build a meaningful life apart from all the privilege i've inherited. I've learned that part coming of age is finding something thats your own and not your families legacy. I've had the benefit of being rich all my life and i'll never want material things but after working on the movie i've discovered that what you inherit may not be as valuable as what you earn"

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