Monday, February 8, 2010

Milena available in Australia..exclusive to Private Access

Launching her new collection in Australia, Italian born Milena Zuliani is a designer with the stars shining brightly over her. With 2 stores in the beautiful centre of Ubud her Galaxyan Collection is loved and worn by women across the globe. They come to Bali and take home with them beautiful jewels that will change their life forever. Now buying her jewels is only a mouse click away...

Each of the pieces belong to a different star and it is Milena's calling to materialise those energies for women on earth. The collection by Milena Zuliani empowers women and seems to catalyze their souls on a very deep level no matter who they are or what they do. For Milena this is a merging of her talents and visions into one single direction giving her complete love for the work she does and the difference she is making by empowering women globally.

Milena has travelled extensively throughout Europe and Asia for many years studying Esoteric and Healing Arts and for the last 10 years Milena has lived on the island of Bali where she creates jewellery and now has two successful flagship stores in Ubud. Her true purpose in this lifetime is to transfer and channel Universal Love into various creative forms in order to assist others in the process of learning their Soul Journey, and unlocking their potential creative talents.

By purchasing from the Milena Zu Collection you join us in our goal to end poverty and empower women globally.

Click here and buy your very own statement piece with it's special message of wisdom and life lesson channeled by the designer.

As a free gift with purchase you will be sent two books, 'Confessions of a Shopaholic' (valued at $24.95) and 'Wisdom' (valued at $23.00). You will also receive samples of Bvlgari Jasmine Noir & Rose Essentielle....because every woman can be beautiful, spiritual and wise.

Private Access offers exclusive access to the leading brands in fashion, beauty, lifestyle & travel and empowers women in business, wealth and personal growth.

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