Friday, February 12, 2010

No internet for a week....OMG

The frustration of not having internet connection for a week has been a blessing in disguise. The world didn't come to an end but instead it gave me a fresh outlook and new perspective on my life....
This week has given me an opportunity to reflect on the many aspects of my life and determine exactly what I want this year to be about!
All to often we hurry through our days, we forget to pause, to stop, take a swim in the ocean and take a deep big breathe. I have realised that it is in these moments that we have true insight into the right path, the right course of action and at times not taking any action brings us exactly what we need and ultimately what we want! This week has been like that for me....I stopped trying to make things happen and instead let myself be in the flow....and what a magical place that is!

I'm not sure why we grow up to believe we must fight to get what we want?? I once read that you cant have a successful outcome to a miserable journey....You can't hate what you do every day and be happy in the end, you cant struggle and think one day it will get better....
Struggle and hate the world and you get more of the same....
The better is now, not one day....what can you do right now to make things better and as you begin to feel positive, of course the universe gives you more and more of the same.

We have all felt those magical moments where everything seems to be perfectly aligned, the right people come our way and everything we touch turns to gold.... this week was like that for me!

As the week comes to an end I hope to encourage you to take the time out, turn off the laptop, disconnect from that Blackberry and make a list of what 2010 will look like, feel like and be like for you and then work backwards to achieve it. Fire up that imagination and create the life you want firstly in your mind and then watch it unfold before your eyes.....

Here are some of the big questions to get you started.....
  1. What do I want this year to have been like?
  2. What income did I earn?
  3. What did I spend my time doing?
  4. What kinds of people did I meet?
  5. Where did I travel to and with whom?
  6. What is my financial position at (date)?
  7. What did I achieve this year?
  8. What did I do for work?
  9. What was the year about (looking back)?
  10. What were the significant moments?
  11. What kind of place did I live in?
  12. How did I feel?
  13. What was my health like?

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