Tuesday, February 16, 2010

From beautiful to plastic.....

I have to wonder what goes through the mind of a woman who drastically alters the way she looks through plastic surgery. We all at times go through periods of low self esteem, not feeling as beautiful as we want to and wondering how we can age gracefully....
Going through my favourite fashion magazine I was horrified by the images of Heidi Montag. In her own words "I am beyond obsessed". If nothing else, Heidi has at least been fully open about all the operations she's had to turn herself into a generic, bleach-blonde Hollywood bimbo.
What makes an incredibly beautiful woman like her go to such extremes of changing her appearance beyond recognition!!!
I am all for enhancement if what you've got needs some enhancing but I'm not sure that undergoing such a transformation when feeling insecure will make one feel more secure in the long run.... how much surgery will be enough, how much bigger can the boobies become and how many wrinkles can you staple back before you start looking like Michael Jackson.
What will it take for us to see that each and every one of us is beautiful the way we are...some are more so than others but when you look like Heidi, 23, fresh faced, glowing and successful...what on earth is she thinking???
For me and for many other women I know that the road to loving yourself is not an easy one...we compare our selves all the time....we want to be more beautiful, if we're blonde we go for brunette, if we're brunette we want to be blonde, if we have short legs we speak about how much we hate our legs, our bums, our thighs, our chins.... if only we could reconstruct ourselves we would be happy.....BUT we see that this is an illusion and not the truth! How many women and celebrities do we read about day after day, they had the surgery and still they are not happy....when will women wake up and smell the coffee and perhaps instead use that money on things that would make you feel more beautiful, more in touch with your soul, more connected to your partner, and in finding out what makes you truly happy!

I know this first hand because there have been times when all I wanted to do to feel better was change my hair, buy a new dress, do some retail therapy and then needed real therapy after that, so I learned my lesson and learned to love me in the process !! We all know it to be true but we torture ourselves time and time again...... I hope that this year all women will begin to take a look within and see what makes them feel good about themselves, work from the inside out and discover what they LOVE about who they are. If we continue to focus on what we dislike the law is that this will grow...so everytime you go to the gym and tell yourself how much you hate your thighs or how big your bum is, that is what you're putting out into the universe, that is what your dominant thought is and whatever you focus on will grow.... including your butt!!!
May the images of Heidi reinforce the message that plastic fantastic is really not the answer...and a lesson for us women to be proud of who we are and what we have and of course work towards self improvement but in a much kinder and more loving way!

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