Sunday, February 21, 2010

WISDOM is power.....

They say that knowledge is power but what I have found is that knowing something does not guarantee success. I've met many people who seem to know a lot more than I do but they don't seem to get very far. We can know how to become successful investors but we won't unless we take action on the knowledge, then it is power. We must take what we know, understand why we have not achieved what we so desired and then from the wisdom we have gained begin to create a very different future. I have met many who continue to repeat the same mistakes, they know what they must do but they have not yet turned that knowledge into power through wisdom.

WISDOM is about taking all that we know, all we've experienced, good and bad ,looking at it from different angles, understand ourselves and others better, learning from the mistakes we've made and learning from the successes we've had.

One man who set out to discover the true meaning of Wisdom is Andrew Zuckerman. Inspired by the idea that one of the greatest gifts one generation can give to another is the wisdom it has gained from experience, the Wisdom project, produced in cooperation with Archbishop Desmond Tutu and multi award-winning photographer and film-maker Andrew Zuckerman, seeks to
capture the wisdom of a group of people who have all made their mark on the world.

Produced in cooperation with Archbishop Desmond Tutu, 51 of the world’s most prominent elders share their wisdom. Three famous Australians - Malcolm Fraser, Jimmy Little and Bryce Courtenay – feature among the likes of Buzz Aldrin, Nelson Mandela, Vanessa Redgrave, Clint Eastwood, Frank Gehry, Willie Nelson, Michael Parkinson, Mary Quant, Tutu himself and many more.

Wisdom is a collection of photographs and interviews with the world’s most eminent elders. After travelling the globe to not only photograph and interview those involved, Andrew also filmed each of his subjects for an exclusive DVD which will be included in the book. The remarkable footage that he has captured will later be released as a feature length documentary. A full-colour hardback photographic book, Wisdom contains full-length interviews where these great luminaries impart their knowledge. The resulting book and film provides an extraordinary legacy for the generations that follow.

With the success of the WISDOM Project, Andrew has interviewed more wise and wonderful people and compiled their wisdom into four little books grouped around themes of LIFE, LOVE, IDEAS and PEACE.

WISDOM was published in Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA and South Africa and was a worldwise success, selling out in all markets. Wisdom is published by Hachette Australia.

The little WISDOM's are great gifts for anyone looking to discover the true meaning of wisdom and to learn from some of the greatest leaders, actors, sportswomen and inspirational men and women.

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