Friday, February 19, 2010

Style...are we born with it??

Some women seem to have an incredible sense of style. They are elegant, beautiful, edgy and feminine all the same time! I've always wondered whether we are born with it or whether it is something that we can develop and learn.
If we can become successful by modeling those that already are then it stands to reason that we can also learn the art of style and elegance. Models are taught how to walk, actors learn how to act and be better at their craft and stylists can make anyone look like a million dollars.....

What I love doing is re-creating myself through the looks that I love and see in magazines. At different stages of my evolution I have found this to be the most liberating and transformational experience. I've recently started wearing my hair parted in the middle, just for a change....inspired by Olivia Palermo my style icon at the moment. I absolute love her look and her confidence. She's polished, classic and incorporates the latest trends in such an effortless way!

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