Thursday, February 18, 2010

So much to do.....So little time....

I've recently found out what it is like when you are pulled in all different directions. When everyone seems to want a piece of you which isn't always a bad thing!! Working on a number of new projects I am finding out how important it is and how hard it can really be to find the work life balance.
Of course we want to fit as much into the day as possible, to get the most out of life but I have found the importance of keeping up the exercise no matter how difficult, taking time out for yoga and finding the time to relax without my Blackberry. I am truly thankful for my Saturday ritual of making it what I have termed the "Mia Day". A day where I detach from the world and from all the interruptions that I experience every other day! I don't use my phone, don't watch television, no exercise, no going into "town" for window shopping and not going anywhere that is busy with people!!

Being born Jewish has it's advantages as for us this is the day of rest....The Jewish faith believes that God created the world and on the 7th day he rested (first day is Sunday) and for us it is also the day of rest and the time to unplug from the blessed are we!!!

I am glad to say that since I started keeping this traditional ritual that my weeks are better, that I can go longer, I am more creative and I am ready to start my week. on Sunday without the Mondayitis. My "Mia Day" allows me to read, reflect on my life instead of being in it, kind of like working on the business and not in it and re-connect with my spirit. So as I sit here today completely exhausted from an incredible productive and successful week, I am glad that Friday night is just a sleep away......

I hope that this beautiful ritual inspires you to take ONE day each week and make it completely, read, refresh, and you will feel the difference and realise how much you can achieve in just 6 days!

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  1. Ah I have one of those. Its a Sunday. Between a fulltime job, modelling, uni studies, and a boyfriend... I can be stretched every which way. No matter how much things I have on, I always have sundays - sleep ins, going out for breakfast, getting a massage, going for a hike or going to yoga, playing with my piglets, lieing in the sun, or reading a book. Sometimes I have to stay in and work till all hours on a Saturday night just to make sure my Sunday is free! But its worth it. Its definately always worth it.


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