Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Who said you couldn't fly...

They say that whatever the mind of man can conceive, man can achieve.... The first 15 days of January are very powerful, this is the time to put down on paper what you wish to achieve and set the stage for what 2010 will look like for you. Without a dream our days seem mundane, we wonder what is the purpose of it all....having a dream is what drives us forward, what makes the work all worthwhile and the growing pains bearable.

I started a dream many years back but what i didn't realise until recently was that to make dreams come true requires some action on my part. Some of us believe that there is no free will and that the universe or God is in charge. Others believe that its all up to us and that there is no one out there making it happen for us.
What I have found is that there is some truth in both those theories. There are times when I have taken action but things still didn't work out the way I had hoped, they turned out nonetheless. Other times I haven't taken much action at all, I surrendered instead, waited and a new path presented itself and following that path was better than I could have ever imagined.

I encourage you for the next 10 days to spend time meditating on what truly matters to you. Start a dream book, get some butchers paper, map it out. Start to dream and visualise your best life and ask yourself what needs to be done to start moving towards it. Are you living in a place that is not conducive to success, are the people in your life bringing you down instead of lifting you up, is your current work fulfilling and what are you learning from it to get you to the next phase.

And remember that the fear of failure really doesn't exist because if you look at your life right now and if you're not living the way you want to be then you have already failed! So now we have that out of the way, there are no reasons not to go out there and try.

Here is some inspiration to get you started.....CLICK HERE


  1. Very interesting post. I live by the ethos that we create our own reality and I have recently set out all my goals for the year and beyond. A key point i've learned is the 3-for-3 rule - thoughts, feelings and actions must ALL be aligned to achieve your goal or desired outcome.

    happy 2010!

  2. Absolutely right, in order to achieve our goals we need to have our words, our thoughts and our actions in alignment. What we speak, what we think and then what we do...we can speak of what we want but if our thoughts are contradictory then our actions will not take us to where we want to be going.


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