Friday, January 8, 2010

Brand happy....Burberry happy!!

I wonder what inspired my love for brands but thinking back I would say it was my mothers influence to some degree. Russian women tend to have a love for the world of luxury its in our blood or maybe it was growing up on caviar, that's also in our blood. What strengthened my love and loyalty to the branded life is the contradiction with which I lived about whether its superficial and unspiritual, the spiritual journey I embarked upon by selling everything I had and then the path back to knowing that I simply cannot live without my brands!

At one time or another we all wonder what life is all about. We may have all the "things" that we thought we wanted and still feel unsatisfied deep down inside. It is this which makes us question whether our material possessions make us happy or whether it is something much greater than that! What I have found is that spirit comes first and the stuff comes later. It is when we have a deeper connection with the universe that we begin to view the things in our life very differently.

I have lived both with and without and I can truly say that with is definately much better. Was I more spiritual without, not really but what I do recall is that I became more creative in my thinking and in finding solutions to my problems and I lived in constant gratitude for the little things! We have all heard that money doesn't buy you happiness well you cannot be very happy if you are maxed out on your credit limit and poor!

My experience has shown me that the things we buy DO make a difference in our lives. Where we live, what brands we choose, the cars we drive and the shoes we wear all come to define us in a way that is much needed by all of us to experience the true richness and beauty of life. How can it be more spiritual to be living in poverty, to be struggling day by day and to be in a world which you can not experience.

Brands empower us in ways we cannot understand but to live without them is simply no longer an option. This is not a message to go out and spend your entire salary on a bag but simply a message that Gucci, Versace or even Zara have a place in our lives and that without them life is pretty uninspiring and i'm lighting my $100 Jo Malone candle to that one!!!

Here are some of my favourites...

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