Monday, January 25, 2010

Chewy Vuitton.....same same but very different

I was late night window shopping with a friend at the Marina Mirage, a glitzy shopping haven for fashionistas on the Gold Coast when I saw a Chewy Vuitton and Sniffany & Co Bag for your much loved pooch....sooooo very cute!!

No doubt we have all faced the dilemma and many of us would have in our possession a designer handbag, Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hermes....but not of the real kind, the kind that we bought on our recent trip to New York, Bangkok or Bali. The debate continues whether a fake is the same bag just coming from a different factory in Asia.... many argue that they shouldnt have to pay the designer price tag for the designer bag. This is the time when many decide that living a life that looks like you've made it is actually the same as truly achieving the success which affords you the luxury to buy a real designer bag.

We live in a world where many pretend to look rich without taking the time to truly be rich and there comes a time where we realise that same same is very very different!!

I've often been tempted myself to purchase a look a like Louis Vuitton and I also grew up with the contradiction that it was same same. My early influence in life taught me that Evian was the same water just packaged in a different bottle, that Estee Lauder was the same as Nivea and that the luxurious shampoo and products which I spent a small fortune on were nothing more than the same supermarket cheapie my mother was buying! So for a while there I bought into the belief and felt completely and utterly ripped off by these brands that were claiming to offer something of value to me as the consumer...but now I know better!!!

I remember growing up and shopping with my mother, I would inevitably always select the most expensive shoe or item in the store.... I was born with a taste for the good life. At times we all have role models, people, parents, teachers who mean well but unfortunately do us more harm than good. I was watching a video by Harv Eker who teaches wealth principles and about developing the millionaire mind.... He teaches that our failure to achieve the true success and riches is due to our belief system and the role models who dominated our lives. We literally model what our parents did, said and what we experienced as children determines our relationship with money and how much of it we make and keep.

I realised the importance of choosing successful people to model and that despite what we are taught as children we can change the conditioning of the past and begin to realise a very different future. In saying that I come back to modelling which does not mean that we go out and buy a fake bag, because that is the message we ultimately send out to the universe. We are literally screaming to the world that we cannot afford a real one so we buy a fake instead.

A fake anything will never say that we believe we are worth the wealth and success we desire, it will only reinforce that we cannot afford the real deal!!! So if your goal is to be successful buying home brand water and pouring it into an Evian bottle wont cut it either.... it only reinforces the poverty thinking!!

And if you're thinking of buying a same same but different designer bag you might think twice about what your bag actually says about you!! Kathryn Eisman author of "How to tell a woman by her bag" wrote an entire book about it, spent 2 years researching and becoming somewhat of an expert on the subject!! Click here to watch her video

And if that is not enough to deter you, The Harper’s Bazaar Fakes Are Never In Fashion™ campaign is dedicated to exposing the criminal activities connected to the sale of counterfeit luxury goods—child labor, drug trafficking, and even terrorism. Not a great cause to be supporting for a woman on the rise to greatness!!!

There are some people who go through life with a fake name, a fake identity and never really knowing who they are - be true to yourself and the designer life will follow, pretending you have one with a fake will only stop the true wealth from coming into your life....

If you really must then buy a Chewy Vuitton for your dog like our style icon Paris Hilton....

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