Monday, January 11, 2010

The journey from a Bettina Liano girl to a Sass and Bide woman....

This weekend I celebrated another milestone in my life and what I believe is a time where we as women turn that corner and never look back again! Turning 35 has given me a new outlook on life and a time for revamping my wardrobe, my look and my attitude for a brighter future.

There's nothing quite like a weekend out with your girlfriends to remind you that there is no going back to what was before...the bars, the youth and the short skirts! We all go through stages in life where we are called to re-invent ourselves in every way that we know. To shed the layers of what was and to step into a new realm of possibility and opportunity that calls us forward. This process is not often an easy one but one which asks us to strip away all that we have known and who we know ourselves to be and stand in the uncomfortable void until we are called by our intuition to know what is the right action.

This weekend I was faced with asking the hard questions and looking into the mirror seeing the woman I once was but not quite the woman I yet long to be. How do we make this transition from one stage of life to the next..... How do we let go of the short skirts and embrace layering, how do we say goodbye to the party girl and embrace the wise woman. Shopping of course!!!

The most exciting part of the change is falling in love with new brands. Discovering new looks that we never thought we would dear to try. As we evolve and move through the different life stages we go from being a Bettina Liano girl to a Sass and Bide woman and our love and loyalty to these brands is cemented. My loyalty to brands continues but as I grow it changes to embrace the new brands that fit into the woman I am becoming and I say goodbye to the brands which defined me up until now.

I have always found it a necessity to change my look on the outside as I myself have changed within. To be comfortable in our skin is what gives us as women confidence to go out into the world, be leaders and make a difference. Some say that fashion is superficial....what I know to be true is that there are things money cannot buy but moving onto a new stage of life and hanging on to the old just doesn't work!

These are some of my favourite brands who support me as I evolve into being what I call the "Private Access" Woman.

Bianca Spender
Sass and Bide
Kirrily Johnston
AG Woman

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