Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The power of a woman.....

There are some brands that seriously know how to make women feel powerful, strong and incredibly feminine.

Last night I began reading the life story of Ivanka Trump in her new book "The Trump Card". Bearing the Trump name has definately given her some heads up but as a young woman in a male dominated world of real estate she writes of her initial challenge in finding the fashion which allowed her to express her uniqueness instead of what we women believe we have to wear to make a point in the boardroom and be taken seriously. She has learnt that wearing pink doesn't mean she is a pushover and that being feminine in a male dominated environment works to her advantage.

So let that be inspiration to us women that to be feminine IS powerful and that wearing pin stripe suits with the crispy white shirt and the black pumps is not being true to who we are as women. And if Miss Trump's success is anything to go by I would be taking her word for what works and what doesn't even if she does have the upper hand and a trump card to go with it.

Power dressing has just taken on a whole new level with Iconic Australian label SIMONA, which not only paves the way to the top of your game but also helps you celebrate the success in style with their flirty dresses, metallic accents, fur trims and luxurious gowns.

And as you make your way from the boardroom you have to love brands like SIMONA created for every facet of a woman's life -work, evening and weekend play.

The range hits stores February's a sneak peak

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