Friday, January 22, 2010

The climb to the top.....

It was an interesting day today....I was invited to be a part of a World Peace Campaign...sounded good enough right, so I went off to a meeting with the "dream team".....and I have to say that some dreams never quite make it into the realm of reality and now I know why!!!
The PR Campaign Manager started off by telling me that they are not a charity, they are there to make some serious money!!! So far, so good....

After some feel good videos and the soft sell, he told me, perhaps unconsciously that he himself has not made any money in the last 3 months but he know the big dollars will come! He didn't seem to be able to explain exactly what WE would be doing there for the no surprise he's not making any money!!! Not what an ambitious Capricorn like myself wants to hear from a prospective business partner....

This unproductive meeting taught me that its important to have a dream, to envision what we want to achieve but when the time comes it is up to us to see it through and to make it happen. These guys were simply dreaming and simply "hoping" to make a lot of money.

I was finishing the book "Trump Card" by Ivanka Trump and she tells a story about a press conference she attended with her father who addressed the audience and then said "Ivanka will take over from here".... completely unprepared and thrown straight into the deep end it was her time to sink or swim.....her first time in a press conference addressing the that's a huge risk even for the Don but being a Trump she pulled it off!!

Be careful what you wish for because if you dream big and wish for success than the tests for greatness become bigger and bigger. Harv Eker leading wealth presenter and author says, if you're goal is to be comfortable you will never be rich because what you must do and who you have to be to be comfortable is worlds apart to what and who you have to be to be rich.

The message here is that you don't need to become a Trump but more importantly that there are those times where FEAR looks us straight in the eyes and it is those times when true greatness is born! We have the opportunity to shrink away or to step into the light and shine, to take the risks and accept nothing less than the best and what I call the making of a privileged life for ourselves.

So here's to a great woman who inspires me greatly because even though she could easily not do a thing she seems to be doing everything!!!

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