Monday, January 18, 2010

Fashion that's out of this world.....

There are some designers that seem to be in touch with a world beyond the senses. There purpose is to empower women and to bring down the light and the transformational energy to heal our planet. We only need to take a look at our skyscrapers in Dubai and our super sleek cars to see that the world of design is changing forever. We laughed at the thought of wearing spacesuits in the world to come but looking at the catwalks today and the jewellery collections taking centre stage, it seems to be the way forward.....

With 2012 fast approaching many are asking the question of what this time in history is all about and its significance. The basis of this event lies in the Mayan Calendar, in which time, as we understand it, comes to an end and a major shift occurs in human conciousness. Some believe it is the beginning of a new world? Some believe that the shift will reveal the 4th dimension (time) or maybe the 5th (unity with the unseen spirit world/heaven).

But for many of us we can just revel in the fashion and enjoy brands like the Galaxyan Collection of jewellery by Milena Zu which will soon be launched and available in Australia and connects us to this new world to's a sneak peak....

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