Sunday, January 31, 2010

Love affair with New York!!!

There are some place in the world that somehow grab a hold of your heart and never seem to let go. New York City is one of those of places for me! A love affair which began over 12 years ago and still today pulls on my heart strings everytime I think of the sights, the smells and the style which surrounds the greatest city in the world.

It is no wonder New Yorkers believe that they dont need to leave the city to experience life.... the melting pot of cultures and inspiration is enough for an entire lifetime. In New York they say that you could eat out at a different restaurant every night and not get through them all....

The city that never sleeps has a place in my heart and soon I too will occupy the space in the greatest place on earth, right on the upper east side living my very own privileged life.

Speak to anyone that's ever been there and their eyes light up, their heart races, beats a little faster and they too dream of being back in Manhattan eating the warm bagels on a freezing winters day, walking through Central Park, sipping a hot chocolate and watching the NYC taxi's and world go as a tribute to my favourite place in the whole wide are some of my favourite things to do and experience in the NYC....

1 comment:

  1. A city so nice we named it twice. :) It is truly a melting pot and nowhere else can you find such diversity. True, there are other cities that are much older and have a rich history but none can match the overall style and complexity of New York City. It's not only the financial capital of the world but the entertainment, fashion and food capital of the world. Being a native New Yorker I am bias but justifiably so. Like my city or not, you'll never forget the time you spend here. :)


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