Sunday, May 2, 2010

Super Yachting to success.....

I have always loved the way people come into my life and bring with them the gifts and lessons that I most need to learn. I have often found it interesting to observe what and who is sent my way.... I have realised that we often get the essence of what we ask for and perhaps there are stepping stones to get to the dream and the people that enter our lives are part of the beautiful journey we take to get there!

A special person has recently shared with me a secret to his success...he taught me that steady growth is the key and that patience and incremental growth little by little is what I should be aiming for! Born 3 months premature and wanting to get out in the world I have always been in a hurry and still am. There is so much to do, to see, to experience and we live in a world where we want it NOW!!

Looking back and reflecting on the past 2 years I see how far I have come....I didn't realise this until meeting someone who was the exact opposite and appreciated the small achievements he had made along the way! It truly amazed me that someone would want to take the time to get there and sail slowly when they could get a super yacht instead and in his case even design the very one he wanted to get him there!!!

The message I share is that there are people who come to us for a reason, a season and some for a lifetime, some go and others stay..... but each of them bring a special gift and lessons to help us along the evolutionary path....

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