Monday, May 3, 2010

Fashion Fever...

What Does Fashion Mean To You? Elsie Kassis

"Fashion and personal style mean different things to different people. To some it is about religiously following the trends. For others it is about making an individual statement. To others again it is about self validation - of having the latest It Bag or next season's hottest heels before everybody else. Fashion fuses culture and the arts. It takes its influence from the street. From what music we listen to. Which films we watch. It is about self expression.

What you clothe yourself in is simply an extension of the person you are or hope to be and it is this very fact that makes fashion so attainable to so many. As little girls we revelled in getting into our mothers wardrobes and playing dress ups. As an adult this very act simply transgresses into shopping for ourselves. Fashion is supposed to be fun. It is something you can play with. You can wake up each morning and ask yourself, 'just who am I going to be today?' and answer that question simply by opening up your closet.

Some people may scoff at the very idea of fashion. They dismiss it as being unnecessary and frivolous. Useless even. But they are wrong. The Fashion Industry is a multi billion dollar International organisation that employs millions of people around the globe. Fashion is innately powerful. It's impact is evident all around you, every single day. It does not only make you look good but it makes you feel good as well. Just think of that wonderful feeling you get when you first put on that new outfit you've bought for a particular event and how amazingly confident you feel walking into that room because of it. Fashion represents creativity, hours upon hours of hard work, serious money investments, business opportunities and the dedication of inspirational people day in and day out.

This is what fashion means to me.

Each Monday I will be bringing you the latest of what is happening in this glamorous, competitive, hard working and always chaotic industry as well as the latest looks for the Private Access Woman. Stay tuned for next weeks column as with Rosemount Australian Fashion week kicking off today and celebrating a cool 15 years, I will be letting you in on all the happenings, the goss and the fab collections for the new season ahead.
In the meantime feel free to visit me at for your daily fashion fix.

Love, Elsie xo"

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