Thursday, May 27, 2010

Reflections on love....

Often we find ourselves in relationships that happen to show us the very things we have been trying to hide. When love comes so does the mirror, the ability to see exactly who we are.

I find this process and journey so empowering. Through the other we get to define ourselves, we get to see the places that are still hurting and we also get to become crystal clear on exactly what we want and do not want in love and in life. How amazing!!

I am inspired by the journey that we take through loving, giving and being with the other. The conflict which arises and makes us question whether this is in fact the right path or whether we are giving up on the dream and taking second best. I have also realised that there is no second best, there are people who come to show us and reinforce within us what truly matters. A test from above perhaps to see whether we will stay true to ourselves and our dreams.....

I am always grateful for these tests as hard as they continue to be and with each one that I pass my life gets better, I become greater and feel more empowered than ever before. I become more committed to making my dream a reality and feel that power inside that will never let anything get in the way of it!

No matter how hard things may seem, we can trust that there is always a greater purpose behind it.

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