Monday, May 10, 2010 inner journey

We often believe that security is something that someone else can give us. A feeling that comes from a job, our partner and the things that make us feel that we are safe like our possessions. In the past few years and as a result of the GFC, many have come to realise that true security comes from a place deep within ourselves and that "job security" really does not exist.

All that we ever have is ourselves and the people who will support us through the most challenging and uncertain times. What we have is who we are and the ability to deal with what comes our way and make the best of it! We cannot control the outcome of any situation but we can certainly find the strength to get up again and again and find that power within. It is this power that will ultimately decide what type of future we are to have. This power is a belief in ourselves and that we can weather any storm and come out winners despite what has happened to us along the way.

I watched a movie the other night with my partner called "Up in the air". What I took from the movie was that in an uncertain world full of redundancies and company closures that who we become through it all and the people who hold us up whilst we walk the path alone and search for the meaning in the darkness and hardship is what gives us the security we seek.

Often in life we are "Up in the air", we feel like we are without any footing, out at sea without a clear destination and without an anchor. It is these times that we must sail away from the safe harbour and explore the unknown..... In the movie the people were being laid off from their jobs and in one scene George Clooney says "How much did they pay you to give up on your dream" and the man answers $50,000 + vacation pay!

It made me think about how we all give up on our dreams and we are paid a measly $50k as compensation. The question is whether this is really enough and what security are we looking for as we work away year after year for a pay packet and never work towards building our own empires or at least doing what truly fulfills us and working towards a greater dream that will give us a greater life with the friends, partners and family who were there for us when we had nothing and now can share in our success. What a beautiful life that will be!!

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  1. Ultimately the most exciting thing IN this rickety old life of ours is uncertainty. We should embrace it. :)


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