Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The new look Private Access is here.....

The new look Private Access is here..... We look forward to bringing you the luxury brands, products and experiences to inspire you to live a privileged life.

We'll be sharing with you the interviews from some of Australia's Elite, their stories and their climb to the top. Life at the top is about empowering yourself in all areas - fashion, beauty, business, wealth, wellness and travel.

Private Access™ is the place for women who are going places. Whatever age or stage of life the Private Access woman knows what she wants and aspires to be the very best according to her own definition. Our goal is to help women by bringing together the world of fashion and the world of spirit. To teach women that they can have it all and can be whatever they dream to be....we give women permission to shine.

Private Access™ is where women begin the journey of feeling good about who they are and what they want. They are not labelled as superficial for wearing Gucci or as masculine for empowering themselves financially or being powerhouses in the boardroom.

Empowering one woman can transform the world with generations to come. We don't believe that to be spiritual you must be poor, but that a woman who has everything that her heart desires will be a force for good in the world and has the power to change herself, her family and the planet.

Private Access™ gives women a place where they belong building their self worth through education, empowerment, inspiration and connection.

Private Access™ we use the world of fashion to pursue our passion in reaching women and making a difference whilst helping women in finding their true voice for self expression in the world.
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