Friday, November 30, 2012

In the moment.

I've always struggled with being a living in the future person instead of a living in the present. It took me a long time to try and accept to just be content with the here and now and not think about what I will be doing tomorrow, next week, next year. I was always looking forward to something that was about to happen and that moment would pass me by so quickly that before I knew it I was waiting for something else. I couldn't just accept and be happy with the fun and joy that I was experiencing that day because I was too busy waiting for another moment. However, there were those days when simple things like driving to the beach on a hot summers day would open my heart completely and make me realise how lucky and special I am to live here and be here in the now.

Travelling around the world for four months really opens your eyes to what you have and what you have always taken for granted in your life. It could even be the little things like our squeaky sandy beaches, ease of traffic and Australian's laid back lifestyle. It was all these minor details that I yearned for when I came home and although I loved travelling, I realised I had taken everything for granted before as I was living in the next moment. I have now come to appreciate what I have in my life and the beauty of living on the Gold Coast. I used to look at the negatives of being here with the lack of jobs being the main downfall, but things just seem to fall into place once you stop and take life one step at a time and now I wouldn't want to be anywhere else and have an amazing job that I like to wake up for. 

The Gold Coast has an amazing laid back lifestyle, we live our days by the beaches with bare feet and sandy hair and our evenings outdoors enjoying the hot balmy nights. We have a little sense of pride and joy living here that I think other places lack. Although I have lived on the Gold Coast my whole life you would think I would be over it, and I am, sometimes. There are some days when I just want to fly away and live somewhere else, but I just did that. I lived in about 13 different countries in the matter of months and while I was away in these exotic and extraordinary places it was a nice, content feeling to be coming home. And I came home to a great job and a great place that I just didn't even see would be a possibility before. 

When you open your eyes and heart to what you have you realise you have a lot and you wonder if it was always this good all along. Did I really live this close to the beach? Was getting to work never an hour long commute but a 15 min drive? Is the majority of the year warm temperatures so I can enjoy the beach all year long? Although the Gold Coast- and everywhere you live- always have some cons... the grass is always greener on the other side, right? But we have got it going on here, and in Australia in general we are a happy bunch that enjoy great company and the outdoors. And you know what, once you realise that life isn't so tough it's really a lot more fun. So get up early and enjoy the sunrise with a walk along the beach because in some places this just wouldn't even be a possibility. So soak it up while you can.

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