Friday, November 2, 2012

Take a Walk.

As I sat at countless airports during my travels overseas I watched hundreds of people pass me; coming and going. People from all walks of life, going to different destinations and different places, coming home to loved ones, moving away from their homes, starting new chapters and finishing old. I couldn't help but wonder of the people in my life, the ones I have and the ones I've lost. Some people you've wanted to lose, the ones that deep down you knew where a burden on your life and thoughts. Then there are the others that no matter what happens you couldn't imagine your life without them. And then, there are the ones that you seem to just slip away from, slowly growing apart in so many ways you don't even know it happened. I can't help but to compare these friendships and relationships to my clothing sitting in my wardrobe.

Just think of the Chanel bag, Burberry trench and Manolo's that you know you will always be able to love and trust. No matter how old, or how much you have been through you always know they will be there ready to use and share. Then there are those seasonal pieces, the items you bought because they were 'in trend', which were amazing at the time and you spent nearly every working day together but after time you begin to realise that they weren't so good for you after all and you grow apart. And finally you have the items that just seemed so good at the time like those sequinned shoulders and that ra ra skirt, you wore it once and then realised how much you didn't need it in your life after all. 

Not many people would understand how I can possibly compare your friends and loved ones with items of clothing, but our clothes and accessories are in some way our best friends. After all, we do spend every second of everyday in their presence don't we? We get up every morning and chose out a specific outfit just like we ring up which friend we feel like seeing and talking to that day. So as you clean out your wardrobe getting it organised for the next season (hello summer!) just think of what relationships are healthy and which are just being a burden, wasting your time and space. Fill your life with positive and happy friends that radiate good thoughts and bring out the best in you. And take a walk on the friends that are bringing you down and you know you can do without. Good luck, it can be a cut throat cull!

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