Monday, November 26, 2012

The rest is still unwritten....

Within us we all have a story to tell but often it is the story of the past, the challenges, the hardships, the friends who hurt us, the men who left us and the things that didn't work out.  We all have a life story, one that we hold on to with our dear life as if that is all that ever was and ever will be, but little do we know that we have an unwritten story a whole book full of new pages where we can start over and begin writing the real story of the life that we are destined to live.
Landmark Education, an intense personal growth seminar which I went through in my early 20's teaches to differentiate between reality and our stories - between what happened and the story that we tell ourselves and most often made up about what happened.  It's liberating to be able to see our own made up dramas and saga's and finally stand in truth and power knowing that all it takes is just a paradigm shift in our thinking which will lead us to a new page, an unwritten one, a truthful and honest one which finally sets us free.
I turned on my iPod last night and 'accidentally' found a song called "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfied. I didn't even know it was on there, it's as if God had placed it there for me at this perfect moment to inspire me and that it did!  As I was lying in bed listening to the words I realised that I had finally closed a chapter and opened a new book with many blank pages and one that is unwritten.  What that means is that I can create whatever story I want as beautiful, magical and inspirational as I want it to be.  So many of us hang on to things, we don't forgive because we think it's better that way, we don't move on because we are afraid, we don't try something new because we are stuck in our story of how it is and we believe that there is some force outside of us holding us back.
We all have an unwritten story within us and at any time we can choose to finish that book and say "The End".  Whether the end is a happy one or a sad one is not important, some stories end tragically and some happily but life goes on beyond both of them and as my dear New Yorker friend said the other day that time waits for no one, it doesn't care what you're doing, it just goes on.  We think we are in control but then life comes along, or in his case hurricane Sandy flooding homes and wiping people out where they lose their homes and belongings.  And for those who believe in something beyond our physical world we see that nature lovingly gives us the chance to start over, put the past behind us and create something new.
How beautiful is this universe teaching us, even through (perceived) disaster to live in the now, to be aware, present to what and who is before us now and that the past no longer lives anywhere other than in our minds.  It is our thoughts that make us suffer not the past or what happened to us - that part is over, we survived but in our mind we play the story over and over again, if we only opened our eyes and looked around us we would see that the past is no longer here and that the only thing that is, is our beautiful unwritten future.
"Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten"

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