Saturday, November 17, 2012

Imperfection is beauty.

The last couple of years and in particular the last couple of months I have grown to realise that imperfection is beauty. Our own little quirks and imperfections in not only our looks, but our style and character is what makes us each unique and individual in this world. The other day I was sitting at Starbucks sipping on my skim mocha in one of the most beautiful places in the world and my home, the Gold Coast. I was people watching (again!), with so many different types of people coming and going past me, whether they were here for a long time or a short there was one thing that made everyone visit. The Gold Coast has some of the most beautiful surroundings with stunning long, white beaches and blue skies. But even one of the most amazing places in the world there are still imperfections, just as there is in people. The small patches of dirt coming through the grass as it hasn't rained in weeks, the exhaust of traffic zooming past: nothing is perfect. 

We read in countless magazines and see plastered all over our television screens the hunt for perfection that celebrities are consistently chasing. But how can one describe and pin point what "beauty" exactly is? People put themselves through countless surgery's, trying to change into someone else and by doing this push some of their closest family and friends away and ultimately push themselves away from their true self, all on the quest to be "perfect." But are they satisfied? Do they look in the mirror and think that they are now more beautiful? More wanted and more loved? Some maybe, but mostly people are never satisfied, always wanting to look different or better or more beautiful. We all need to accept that we are all individual and each have our own little quirks that we need to embrace in order to make us stand out as our own in this world. It may be a gap in your teeth, freckles on your nose, big ears or a mole in the wrong place, but it's all these simple quirks that set us apart and stand out. No two people are made the same for a reason, because we don't want to live in a world of look-a-likes. So embrace what you have been given and love what you've got because at the end of the day the thing you hate is going to be the thing someone loves. ♥

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