Thursday, November 15, 2012

Where did you get that? I want it...I need it

Some days I feel like a rock star wearing a leather jacket or my studded boots, other days it's girlie all the way with floral dresses, my hair flowing in the breeze and my nails painted red.
When I was younger I used to reinvent myself every few years, these days with disposable fashion we can do it every few months and are often pushed from the outside world to shop till we drop.  I have to say that as I get older and wiser the urge to reinvent myself becomes less and less.  Perhaps as women once we get past a certain age we get to that place where we finally feel cushy comfy in our own skins.  We no longer need a new dress to make us feel better, another pair of shoes that costs how much??!!, looks amazing but you can only get to the car, into the restaurant, back in the car and home in them because those "killer" shoes really are a killer.
So how do we reinvent ourselves from the inside out, giving ourselves something that lasts beyond the next season?  What is it that makes us feel whole and centred, what is it that makes us walk tall without the Gucci heels?  I have been on a journey for many years now, one that began when I was around 21 where I began to do things that made me better on the inside.  Practising yoga for over 17 years now I can say that there is no better feeling than being on a yoga mat and lying in corpse pose at the end of the class connecting to what what it really means to feel sexy, beautiful and whole.
After yoga there is no care in the world, there is no sense of urgency to buy another "thing", to want "more" but instead I have found that wanting "no thing" is the best feeling in the world.  Vipassana teaches that all human suffering come from wanting what we don't have, which is craving for more and more and our hate of the things that we don't want, which is an aversion to the things we dislike.  We crazy humans oscillate between those two states constantly, it is no wonder that we have trouble finding peace and the right thing to wear because we have "nothing" in our wardrobes either craving something new or hating what we have.
Reinventing myself I have discovered is about the growth of my soul and not the growth of my wardrobe which inevitably I become bored of after a few months, investing in a pair of shoes can give you happiness for a little bit but investing in your soul will give you such deep joy that the shoes will never provide.  The peace of mind you get by never again needing to say to someone "where did you get that" because you too want it, you crave it, you can't live without it.  When you discover that the only thing you cannot live without is yourself that is when you will become the most beautiful and radiant and the heels will be nice but not necessary.  What will be necessary is to feel whole and connected with the most stylish and priceless thing in your life - being yourself.
And for those who still want it and need it check out the rockin styles I wouldn't mind reinventing myself into this season.

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