Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Victoria's Secret to losing weight....

Some critics feel that ''The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show'' objectifies women and is inappropriate for network television. Are those critics just bitter, envious people who wish they were hot like Heidi Klum and our very own Miranda Kerr.

Today Oprah Winfrey was almost in tears, no not a my place....but on E Channel of course. She had failed at her resolution to lose weight, to keep it off and to look like the amazing self she sees herself wanting to be!

Having worked in advertising I would often hear that our magazines and models do nothing more than make women feel even worst about themselves. I would put up my hand and definately disagree. Dont get me wrong I have suffered through my pudgy days, binging days or was it years? I pumped iron and got bigger - not a pretty look and I've lived on boiled chicken fillets and steamed rice for about 4 months - a cranky woman with a 6 pack isn't very sexy!!

I am sure that these glossy images of beautiful long legged goddesses did have an impact on my life as they do now but I would have to say its been for the better. I would like to share a message that we can be inspired by beauty, the body in its finest form and instead of envying other women we let it empower us to work on and better ourselves.

As the years went by I learnt to stop looking at the problem and began focusing on the solution. It is only then that my body began to change. I began to listen to what my body wanted instead of giving it grueling sessions at the gym. Today I still work out but in a very different way and with a very different mindset.

I realised that I will never look like Heidi Klum but I can take the essence of the beauty, strength, confidence, power, sensuality that is in her and find it in myself. Let these women inspire you and ask yourself - how do I want to look and feel about myself and so the next time you open the freezer for that tub of ice cream you can ask yourself whether that action supports your dream and goal for a better body.

And there will be days like today that a block of Cadbury's instead of a jog is just what I needed! The SECRET is to make sure that the Cadbury days are less than the jogging ones. So be good to yourself and next time you see beauty and recognise it in another know that its also inside of you waiting to be expressed.

I hope watching the Victoria's Secrets show will inspire you to grow those wings and fly.

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