Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Designer life.....Dream on baby!!

Some girls play with dolls, I never did apparently but instead spent my childhood looking at books, and drawing in them.
Perhaps I always knew that stories can be re-written and all that was needed was our imagination.

From my days in advertising I would sit night after night devouring the images of the glossy magazines and tearing out the pages which sparked my imagination. Don't we all do that??

Years on and this has become a ritual. When I feel like a change is coming and my style is changing and evolving I look to the glossy images of my favourite brands for inspiration. A few years ago I started what I call a dream book with pictures of what I want my privileged life to feel like which has also inspired a few people along the way who I hope have finished theirs (they know who they are) .

I was excited by the prospect of knowing that I could design my life, that yes I could have what I wanted if only I dared to try. Life is not passive, it requires some input from us to create and take action each and every day.

What I discovered is that we are not limited by our current reality but are in fact powerful manifestors creating our reality at all times through what we think, what we feel and what we act upon and that our intuition is always guiding us. This is what determines where our future takes us. I encourage you to start your own dream book and watch your "designer" life unfold.

Here are a few inspirational images to start you on your path...from the very glam life that Gucci sells ...I'm buying!!!

xx Mia Sudakov

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