Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Miranda Kerr....what an Angel

Our home grown Aussie girl Miranda Kerr is definately one young woman we can be inspired by. At 25 she may still be quite young but is already revealing lofty ambitions away from the catwalk.

Miranda plans to launch a book titled "Treasure Yourself". Its an inspirational and motivational book for young women. Written from her own personal experiences with tips that are tried and tested. Miranda swears by organic food and regular yoga and it shows!

Despite being surrounded by the glitz and glam with an enviable lifestyle, the supermodel is really just a hippie at heart. Miranda's hopes and dreams include living in a solar-powered house with a vegetable garden out the back. Its about taking small steps which make a world of difference.

The hippy Angel even takes the charger out of the wall to save electricity and uses energy efficient light bulbs....who said you cant have it all!!!

xx Mia Sudakov

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