Monday, December 28, 2009

It really is a Womans World

With only 3 days left to the end of 2009, many of us are looking forward to the end and to a new beginning that the new year promises.

Every year we find ourselves in the same place, frantically shopping for that perfect dress so that we too can look perfect for this time in history that will never be again and for the new year ahead.

So as I sit here contemplating what I will do to bring in and celebrate the start of 2010, I am reminded that I can choose what I truly want versus what I should want. This is the same for all those times when we believe "we have to" do something we don't really want to. May you listen to that voice inside that always guides you to the right place, the right people and the right choices.

Today an old friend reminded me that some of us are not always ready to make changes in our lives no matter how much we may want them.

APRIVILEGEDLIFE is about making changes. It is for women who are ready to find new ways of living and new ways of being and creating for themselves what I call a privileged life. I wish to share with all who will listen, some will not, others are not ready to hear it and many will surely be inspired.

A WOMANS WORLD is a new world where women learn to love who they are, honor their greatness, connect with their truth and help other women who are less fortunate.

We bring you ideas and inspiration in fashion, beauty, health, lifestyle, wealth creation, business and personal growth. We bring you access to the very best that life has to offer through education, empowerment, inspiration and connection. Our goal is to help you find your true voice for self expression in the world.

I started a privileged life because through my darkest times and my greatest challenges I realised that its not where we come from or who are parents are that determines our destiny but rather who we choose to be. Growing up in a good family does not necessarily guarantee a successful outcome and riches but following our dreams and getting up again and again after we fall is what determines where we end up.

I hope to inspire women everywhere to get up after they have fallen and to remember that the light shines brightly within us all.

As women we can achieve great things in the world. I invite you to join me on a journey to celebrate and support women across the globe so that we can all reach our full potential and live with joy and purpose.



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