Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Whats in a name....

They say that your name can determine your destiny and that the wrong name can have a negative impact on your future.

Some of the worlds most famous celebrities have changed their names. Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jean Baker, Carmen Electra was Tara Leigh Patrick and our golden girl Jennifer Aniston was Miss Anastassakis... You have to wonder if she would have made it in Hollywood or married Brad Pitt being an Anastassakis!
Our name vibrates at a certain frequency and can attract or repel the life we so desire. We may wonder why certain things continue to happen to us and some believe that by changing your name you can bring about greater success.

I have recently come across the The Kabalarian Philosophy™ which teaches constructive living based on an understanding of the physical, mental, and spiritual laws. These principles provide the key to understanding how to control life to bring into reality the happiness, mental freedom, and personal success that everyone seeks.

Your name creates your mind--its plan or blueprint; your likes and dislikes, ambitions and capabilities, whether practical or inspirational, the types of experiences your attract, your destiny, and your degree of success. Your life is influenced as well, by your upbringing, home conditions, education, and environments. All of these things produce what we call, "personality."

Language, of which name is a part, is the keyboard for the instrument of life and every human symphony. Each letter in any alphabet is a symbol for a quality of intelligence. Its mathematical position determines its quality. When letters are put together in a name, a chord of intelligence is created.

For example, each key when played on a piano represents a degree of sound energy. The keys follow a mathematical pattern. When the piano is played, the sounds become harmonious or discordant (depending upon the knowledge of the pianist) and chords played become symphonies and music of every description.

In giving a name, we are playing the language keyboard. Names create the basis of each person's intelligence. In giving names we can create discordant and/or harmonious conditions for our children. All our happiness and sorrows, hopes and despairs, health and sicknesses, successes and failures are instilled in us by our individual names and nicknames.

A prominent person stated recently, "I love my life and everything in it, but will I ever be happy?" His name reveals why he is at the pinnacle of success yet suffers with moods of depression and unhappiness.

The Kabalarian Philosophy, with over eighty years of experience, teaches a universal principle of life; a complete knowledge of human mind--how it is created, how it can be balanced to awaken the spiritual nature within humankind--and offers the solution to human problems. The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches an active and constructive theory of life in every phase--physical health, mental well being, and spiritual ideals. The teachings stress the importance of mind and thought, how thought is a creative power building, moulding, and shaping our lives. As we think, so we become--a reflection of the names given at birth.

If you're thinking about changing your name and your destiny, get your free name report until April 30th.....

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