Monday, March 22, 2010


How amazing is it when you can create a life that is truly your own in every sense of the word. It makes me question the many people who believe that life happens to them and that they believe they are helpless to have the very best life possible...the privileged life! As I continue on my journey and working through the obstacles, challenges and beliefs which hold me back from having it all, I see that this is the beautiful part of the path we travel to getting to where we want to be.

What does it take to get there? Are there some who are destined for it and some who are not? I am discovering and meeting many great and successful people who have shown me that hard work is really part of the process and that sitting around praying for the life we want is not the solution. I have often read about people who sit and pray and wonder why God has not answered their prayers...

There is a story about the man who was drowning in a storm a helicopter flies by and tries to help him, he answers "no thank you I'm just waiting for God to help me" Next a boat comes along and he says the same thing, he finally drowned and in heaven he asks God why he let him die.... God replied "I sent you a helicopter and a boat what else did you want". I love this story as it so clearly demonstrates what many are doing, they are praying for the salvation, they are praying for a different life, they pray for the strength to get through the darkest of times but when the help comes in the various forms they do not recognise it and then become angry that God was somehow not there for them!

This saddens me a little because help IS ALWAYS there....I have learned that the "help" from above comes to us in many forms and it is for us to be open and receptive enough to see and recognise it when it comes. I have been amazed at the miracles that have come my way and I now see them every day in every way and the solutions which manifest before my eyes.

It takes some time to develop the ability to see the blessings each and every day, to listen to the voice of God which speaks through others and to recognise the solutions when they are in front of us in whatever form they come. So creating a life that we love is about acting, we can sit and pray and wait and wonder why nothing is happening but the key is to hear, to see and TO ACT. To JUST DO IT!!!

I remember reading that "God can only do for us what he can do through us"....this made me realise that the many books I've read which have been teaching how to manifest tell us that we should look at images of what we want, write out goals, create a dream board and then wait for it to manifest. Somehow they forgot a very important step and that is to TO ACT, to allow God to work through you in guiding and directing you to take the right action which will lead YOU to co-create the life you want. It's a partnership and we are simply a vehicle through which our best life will manifest through us and for that to happen we must be the ones who do with the guidance of the creator whispering in our ear with WHAT we need to do. the HOW is our job. It is then for us to get up of our little bottoms and JUST DO IT!!!

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