Friday, March 5, 2010

Catch up with the Girls....

I have often found that asking your closest friends for some honest feedback doesnt always produce the answers you were hoping to hear or even those that can help you on your path. As we journey through life it is important that we have the people around us that will not only tell us what we want to hear but will also remind us of the blind spots that we cannot see.

There are times that friends simply are unable to provide us with the feedback in fear that will upset us or we may not be on the same level regarding a particular issue we are facing. Many years ago I realised that no one person can be everything to us and so its important to have a variety of people around us who can support our growth.

I have started a womens' business group and today I met with two amazing women who are on their path to building their own empires. We got together, chatted over a coffee and were able to share our stories, challenges and greatness with each other. We have all been to networking events in the past but found that the dreaded question of "So what do you do" didnt leave us with a connection to each other but just a whole lot of facts about what the other person did for a living. What I realised is that just like on a date with a man it's not that useful to find out what someone does but we all desire to find out who someone is! That is what brings us together and that is what creates a true bond.

Many years I go I read the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. They dedicated a chapter which talks about forming a MASTER MIND group because as we all know, who we associate with is who we will ultimately become. The Master Mind Group also allows you to be with people who are on the same path, they are on the road to success and instead of seeing the glass as empty they see it as very full. Now these are the people we all want to be around, positive, vibrant, full of spirit and who can provide us with honest feedback about where we are going and what we ourselves cannot see.

Today I walked away from our catch up and realised that success is a choice and that surrounding yourself with people who support your growth is the key! So thank you to the wonderful women who joined me this morning!!!

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