Friday, August 19, 2011

A living fairytale.

They say it's the happiest day of a woman's life. It's the day she dreams about it since being a little girl. perfecting every detail and imagining the day she get's to dress up like a princess and walk down the aisle marrying her own prince charming. This fairytale came a reality for Kate Moss as she recently wed rockstar from the band The Kills, Jamie Hince. Her wedding was complete magic, it was spontaneous, mystical and mischievous with her Costwold home providing a gorgeous backdrop on a perfect midsummer's afternoon. Guests included fashion royalty Naomi Campbell, Jude Law, Stella McCartney, Anna Wintour and Carine Roitfeld, among others. Her delicate wedding gown was pure Galliano- vintage inspired, slim fitting, intricate detailing and delicate sheer panelling which she offset with minimal make-up and loose curls that fell perfectly around her famous face. Moss was perfectly complemented by a handful of bridesmaids and flower girls, among them her daughter Lila Grace who each wore white dresses, ballerina flats and a floral head garland. Moss looked like a fairy princess with the whole scene replicating that of a fairytale.

Whether you prefer a dreamy wedding like Moss or a more simplistic exchanging of two people's loves or you dream of an extravagant and outlandish wedding, it really is the epitome of every girls' fairytales. I have never been a big one on wedding's, I don't remember ever spending hours dreaming about my big day or sketching my perfect wedding dress in my notepad, believing more that weddings aren't a necessity in defining your love for someone. However, these images of Moss and Hince projecting their love in a simplistic and gypsy inspired wedding are everything I would wish for on my day. Some people prefer not to tie the knot and are comfortable with their love, while others' believe life isn't complete without it. Whatever you choose, whether you opt for a wedding or an exchanging of nuptials just in the presence of your other half, it is certain that your special day must be filled with love, happiness and an overwhelming joy that you have been lucky enough to find the one in this world that completes you and makes you believe that anything is possible. Moss looks stunning, happy and in love and until the day we each find the one we truly deserve we can only dream of a wedding as half as magical as hers.

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