Thursday, April 14, 2011

Brand Love: Hussy

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High quality fabrics, intricate detailing and unique styling are the fundamental ingredients of the Hussy label. Since it’s debut in 1995, Sydney born Marie Ritchie has maintained a strong focus on Hussy’s high fashion qualities. Her on trend pieces are sought out by a global audience while her feminine designs create garments that relates to and complements all customer bases.

Marie Ritchie started the Hussy label when she was only 21 years old with $2000 in her back pocket and an overwhelming amount of determination. She was ready to reach the top, and that she did with five flagship stores now within Australia and Indonesia. Ritchie describes the ideal Hussy woman as “self-assuring, alluring and relentlessly eye-catching, with an innate flair for effortless glamour.” Her commitment to exceed in all areas of the label from perfectly polished jewelry to shop fit outs is what makes Hussy a stand out label in Australian fashion.
Hussy’s latest winter 2011 collection titled Nomadic Wanderer combines a mixture of its signature feminine designs contrasted with edgy hardware. Embellishments, shoulder details and draped pants and maxi's are a major focus of the collection. These pieces are paired with a neutral colour palette, splashes of blue and hints of subtle prints. The Hussy label expands into accessories including shoes, bags and belts which are now receiving as much attention as the garments themselves. This cutting edge brand is closely associated with the prestigious lifestyle as it maintains its luxurious quality fabrics and a stand out point of difference.

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